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You and me both
Thu Jan 11, 2018 21:21

"Oh, good," Winston breathed out when he had finished savoring and swallowing his toasted marshmallow. He did enjoy eating those, even if they were impossibly messy sometimes. "I was thinking that, too. I'm glad we're on the same page. Hopefully that means Victor is, too."

He looked doubtfully at his fingers, which were distressingly sticky now. He could use his wand to magic them clean, but in so doing, he'd probably get his wand sticky . . . Washing them manually might be the best option, but he wasn't sure if there was anywhere closer than the bathrooms inside the school for doing that. Well, he supposed he and Simon could go in together once Simon had finished his marshmallow and found himself in similar straits.

"No," he denied when Simon asked if he'd ever tented before. "I live on a mountain," he added. "That's wilderness enough for my family, and when it gets dark, we just go inside. But I'm pretty sure the number four was just a suggestion. I heard someone saying that the tents just get bigger or smaller depending on how many people you have. You just need at least two, which we've got now, if Victor made other plans. What about you? Have you stayed in a tent before?"

  • ...I'm to have some new experiences, apparently.Simon Mordue, Thu Jan 11 18:53
    Another year was gone, or near enough. A peaceful year, relatively speaking something that Simon was not displeased about. He could have wished for Crotalus to lose the House Cup by a slightly... more
    • You and me both — Winston, Thu Jan 11 21:21
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