Jemima Wolseithcrafte
This is a lot like last time
Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:08

Jemima felt strangely light and carefree as she made her way down to the bonfire, hand in hand with Owen. They’d got through the exams - she hadn’t really expected not to - and they had a reasonable plan for next year. For a lot of their lives, actually. Even though they were teetering on the edge of adulthood, it didn’t really feel scary. It was going to be time to do the things they’d talked about for years… To go on adventures, to be with each other, to publish books.

You know, four years ago tonight, we became a couple and the bonfire is really special to me because of that.

“Me too,” Jemima smiled. She too had been thinking about their first bonfire. The little plate of food she’d made up from the table for them, with two forks stuck in the jacket potato, and the discovery that the school had voted them one of the ‘best couples’ in the yearbook even though they hadn’t actually officially said anything to each other. But they’d already behaved as if they were, sharing food being just one example of that… She was about to go off on a trip down memory lane, but it seemed that Owen wasn’t quite done yet.

It took her a second to twig what was happening. She had sort of been expecting this in some form and had daydreamed several elaborate ways for Owen to propose to her. But now he was just… asking her. At the bonfire. Because it was special. Which meant that he’d caught her completely off guard, and still managed to surprise her. And it was perfect.

“Of course I want to marry you!” she beamed, holding out her hand so he could put the ring on her finger. “I’ve always wanted to marry you. You’re my soulmate.”

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    • This is a lot like last time — Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sat Jan 13 10:08
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