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Raine and Starr
Any familiar feelings?
Sat Jan 13, 2018 14:42

“Nice to meet you,” Starr smiled, flicking a sideways five against Joe’s outstretched hand and then going in for a fistbump. “I’m sure Raine must’ve told me something about you, but I’m much better at remembering info with faces than with names,” he apologised, casting his sister a glance.

“Joe and I were in the same fair group. The Ethiopia project thing. And he helps me study.”

“I thought that was Ben?”

“They both do… A lot of our friends do…” Raine mumbled. When she’d seen her brother, she’d transformed, standing up straight and exuding a confidence not normally seen at Sonora, except perhaps when she’d been training. As the degree of help she needed with her schoolwork came up though, she returned to the usual Raine, miserable and self-conscious, addressing the floor instead of people.

“Hey, hey, it doesn’t matter. Judging fish and all that,” he reminded her, in reference to the fridge magnet in one of their tents that espoused that everyone was a genius, but if you judged a fish by its ability to climb trees, it would spend its whole life believing it was stupid. “What do you want me to set on fire for you?” he asked, figuring that getting Raine back on solid, familiar ground was the quickest way to get her back to her usual self.

“Hoop,” she requested.

He summoned one over and when Raine had it spinning set it alight. She twirled it happily, taking the time to just… relax, her hips swinging gently from side to side. She was not as lightly clad as she had been when Joe walked in on her but she’d known circus skills was on the cards, and was wearing leggings and a well-fitting tank top.

“I’m glad she has nice people like you keeping an eye on her,” Starr confided in an undertone to Joe, “She isn’t stupid,” he added, emphatically, just in case The System had been warping Joe’s mind. For all he was being nice to Raine, that didn’t mean he didn’t think like everyone else about her. “Now, let’s get you juggling. Unless you’d prefer something else? I don’t recommend poi though, as a guy if you’ve got zero circus experience it can be a real pain the nads,” he nodded to where one of his female cousins was deftly swinging two balls on strings. “Like… literally,” he added, in case Joe hadn’t put together what could happen if you misjudged where you swung one of those.

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    • Any familiar feelings? — Raine and Starr, Sat Jan 13 14:42
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