...Are Canadians allowed to plead the fifth?
Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:44

Joe considered Starr’s statement and concluded that Raine had most likely never mentioned him to her family in her life. This did not offend him - indeed, it would have surprised him more if she had. He couldn’t imagine a topic his older siblings would find duller than who he was hanging out with, so long as nobody died, got pregnant, got married, or got arrested. The advantage of being the youngest, he supposed.

“No problem,” he said. “I’m pretty forgettable anyway,” he joked.

He was sorry to see Raine shrink back into herself at the mention of studying and the Ethiopia project, but was startled out of thinking about that when her brother casually asked what she wanted him to set on fire. The conversation continued incomprehensibly for a moment, then suddenly made rather alarming sense. Several thoughts occurred to him in rapid succession - alarm first, then realization - probably not the sort of fire that burned things, magical fire, that made sense - and then that the hula-hooping with fire was another rather intriguing sight….

When Starr referred to him as a nice person who looked after Raine, he was momentarily sure that his thoughts had been read and that this was a pointed reminder not to have them, but then he realized that was silly. There might be a warning in there about being nice in general, but nothing specific made sense. “You are a master of understatement,” he said in response to the comment on why swinging what looked like weights around on strings was probably best left to the professionals. “Er - juggling’s fine, provided it’s not on fire. I’m probably going to give myself several pains in the head before I get the hang of it, because my circus experience is pretty much at negative one.”

  • Any familiar feelings?Raine and Starr, Sat Jan 13 14:42
    “Nice to meet you,” Starr smiled, flicking a sideways five against Joe’s outstretched hand and then going in for a fistbump. “I’m sure Raine must’ve told me something about you, but I’m much better... more
    • ...Are Canadians allowed to plead the fifth? — Joe , Mon Jan 15 11:44
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