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Relaxing? Yes. Maybe I ought to do it more.
Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:21

Zevalyn was have a good bonfire. Aladren hadn’t won the House Cup, but she had already resigned herself to that after seeing how far behind they had in Professor Mims’ count all year. Last she’d seen, Teppenpaw had over a hundred points up on them.

Next year, Zevalyn vowed, she’d be very nearly caught up with her year mates and she out to be able to start answering questions at her age level and earn more points for her House. It probably wouldn’t cover a hundred point deficit, but she could at least try to help narrow that gap.

Today, though, was about relaxing and having fun, two things she had allowed herself much of over the past two years. But now, now she was so close to being caught up. She could dial back the studying- well, except there were CATS coming up, so probably not too much, but it would at least be mostly review rather than new material- and actually enjoy school for a change.

She had fun watching the circus performers and the food was good and the choir and orchestra did great - maybe, maybe next year she would have time to join a club or two for fun. (The dueling club didn’t really count- she was doing that for the extra DADA practice.)

Not only would it be good to have some fin hobbies again, but her social life could use the boost too. She found herself alone for most of the day and she really wasn’t sure who she could share a tent with tonight. She was the only Aladren her age, so she’d been without a roommate for most of her time here.

She counted Georgia as a friend but Georgia did have a roommate, and she wasn’t sure if they were planning to continue their normal overnight companionship and if so if they would welcome additional unfamiliar company. Zevalyn didn’t think she snored, but hadn’t ever had a roommate long enough to be certain.

Well, she didn’t really have many other options so she may as well ask, before it got too late. She saw Georgia heading over to the fire with marshmallows and got some for herself before joining her.

“Yeah,” she agreed about the bonfire being fun. “It’s a good send off before summer vacation.” She hesitated just a moment then decided to get it over with, and the semi anxious questions came tumbling out, “Do you mind if I join your tent tonight? Are you sharing with Juniper? Do you you think she’d mind?”

  • Can you handle this?Georgia, Fri Jan 12 07:05
    The fire was going… strangely well. Midsummer events kind of had this way of being really stressful for her somehow. The fair, she’d done her best to get involved but had been in a super Aladren-y... more
    • Relaxing? Yes. Maybe I ought to do it more. — Zevalyn, Tue Jan 16 11:21
      • Cool. Maybe we should do it together moreGeorgia, Tue Jan 16 13:12
        “Cool. Good choice of snack too,” Georgia grinned, when she saw that Zevalyn had also brought marshmallows over. She was glad Zevalyn seemed happy and chilled. Her life seemed to have been completely ... more
        • Works for meZevalyn, Tue Jan 16 21:11
          Zevalyn grinned, and saluted Georgia with her marshmallow-on-a-stick, as it was complimented. Then, as Georgia stumbled through answering Zevalyn's cascade of questions, her eyes widened a bit in... more
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