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Cool. Maybe we should do it together more
Tue Jan 16, 2018 13:12

“Cool. Good choice of snack too,” Georgia grinned, when she saw that Zevalyn had also brought marshmallows over. She was glad Zevalyn seemed happy and chilled. Her life seemed to have been completely crazy up to this point. Georgia had literally no idea how she managed the workload she did, so it was nice to know she was enjoying the party. Although she did seem to have something on her mind…

“I-yes, no,” she stumbled, as Zevalyn let out a slew of questions that all required different answers. “I’d love to share with you. I’m not sharing with-” she paused. Was she? She and Juniper were roommates after all. And it wasn’t like Juniper had a lot of friends. But there were all the society people, who would automatically accept her and half of whom she was related to anyway, and wasn’t Juniper like… supposed to want to spend her time with them instead of people like Georgia and Zevalyn. “I don’t know what Juniper’s doing,” she admitted. “But it’d be the other way round anyway - you’d have to be ok with her if she wants to share with us,” she assured Zevalyn. She remembered how nervous Zevalyn had seemed when she came to sit with her at the feast too. As far as intimidation level went, Georgia really didn’t think hers should rank that high. She was a chubby and fairly friendless halfblood who was still new enough to the magical world to be socially clumsy with it and had next to no friends, not to mention the fact that she was in the cuddly house. Zev, for all her booksmarts - or perhaps because she’d had her nose buried in one so much - seemed to be struggling to notice that.

“Y’know… you don’t have to be so nervous every time you ask me about hanging out,” she added, trying to make light of it. “You’re pretty much my best friend here,” she explained, feeling a little bit nervous in case that was like… a really lame thing to say.

  • Relaxing? Yes. Maybe I ought to do it more.Zevalyn, Tue Jan 16 11:21
    Zevalyn was have a good bonfire. Aladren hadn’t won the House Cup, but she had already resigned herself to that after seeing how far behind they had in Professor Mims’ count all year. Last she’d... more
    • Cool. Maybe we should do it together more — Georgia, Tue Jan 16 13:12
      • Works for meZevalyn, Tue Jan 16 21:11
        Zevalyn grinned, and saluted Georgia with her marshmallow-on-a-stick, as it was complimented. Then, as Georgia stumbled through answering Zevalyn's cascade of questions, her eyes widened a bit in... more
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