Kir McLeod
I guess that's for the best
Tue Jan 16, 2018 15:04

Kir was sort of excited for the bonfire. After all, who didn’t love a good fire? His dad and his aunt didn’t often reminisce about many things from their childhood - unsurprising given their eventual decisions to run away from the stifling Pureblood society and get themselves disowned - but when they did, it was Scotland, rather than family, that they reminisced about. New Year celebrations seemed like they’d been full of fire, including fire swinging, and effigy burning on a great big bonfire. These had been rather eclipsed in their adult life by running The McLeod Foundation’s New Year’s Eve party, an event which celebrated the achievements of their foundation supporting LGBTQ+ causes, and which consisted half of Scottish dancing, half drag cabaret, all very drunken and not necessarily a great combination with fire given that it was a) primarily indoors b) full of drag queens, who were amongst the most highly flammable people on the planet. They usually had a bonfire on the evening of New Year’s Day, because his family said it didn’t feel right to bring in the year without any fires, and everyone who wasn’t too abysmally hung over gathered around to burn an effigy of some notably unpopular public figure from the year. He doubted much of that would be going on at the Sonora fire. It was all wrong in a lot of ways. Summer was definitely the wrong season for fire, but that was what American fires were like. They were cutesy little things you made on camp outs to toast marshmallows on. And, well, not that he didn’t love toasted marshmallows, but it wasn’t quite the same as burning homophobic politicians atop a blazing pyre. He was pretty sure that wasn’t the kind of thing you could say to anyone without sounding like a psychopath though, especially as they were in America - and he indeed, was an Ameircan - and not Scotland. He was pleased to see that the bonfire was decently large, and the circus performers added a nice air of suitably renegade chaos.

In deference to his usual fireside pursuits, or perhaps just because it was a good chance for a little bit of promotion, he’d donned a McLeod Foundation t-shirt, the name of the organisation emblazoned across his chest, book ended by little rainbow banners.

He was even more pleased when they got to actually go play with the circus equipment, although it didn’t necessarily look like they’d get to play with fire themselves, which he felt was something of a shame but probably for the best… He wished that he was good enough that doing so was an option, but as he almost definitely wasn’t, unless he had a freakish natural talent for some kind of circus thing, then it was probably better for his hair and eyebrows and everyone’s well being that he wasn’t going to.

He thought about trying juggling, because that was the skill he could see himself most often getting to use in something approaching real life, but Jozua’s twirling hoop caught his eye, and he also needed to make social contact with some people he could tent share with, so he decided to go join him. He had got as far as picking up a hoop when he noticed that Ginger Pierce was juggling fire and Raine Collindale was spinning it, which involved decidedly wiggling her leggings-clad hips. If questioned sternly, he may have been forced to admit to a moment of open-mouthed staring that had very little to do with the fire, before he came to his senses enough to ask Jozua

“How the heck are they doing that?”

  • Trying something nonlethalJozua Sparks, Tue Jan 16 10:18
    Jozua was pleased that his House won the Cup, but he wasn’t entirely convinced that learning to do circus things was really a great reward for it. To Jozua, that sounded like something that would... more
    • I guess that's for the best — Kir McLeod, Tue Jan 16 15:04
      • Yeah. Sparks burn.Jozua Sparks, Tue Jan 16 20:43
        Jozua honestly wasn't paying much attention to the people around him. He was pretty focused on the cursed green hoop that keep wanting to run away from him. So when someone close by asked, "How the... more
        • “Yeah, she is,” Kyte nodded, when Jozua pointed out that Raine was was really…. In spite of the sentence not ending with any discernible adjective, he definitely agreed. “I wish the Aladren girls... more
          • Really, let’s not spark anything hereJozua, Wed Jan 17 13:10
            Jozua gave Kir an odd look, momentarily confused about whether Kir meant the House Aladren or the town Aladren, but deciding that he must mean the House Aladren because Kir probably didn’t know any... more
            • Kir was tempted for a moment to ask which Pecari Jozua specifically wanted there, but he didn’t necessarily think that was a fair question given how little he knew the other boy. He also wasn’t... more
              • Hey! That’s harsh!Jozua, Thu Jan 18 09:08
                Jozua stared at Kir, confused and taken aback. “I thought- You weren’t? I - Oh.“ Okay. He must have totally misread the other boy’s question and consequently overreacted in entirely the wrong way for ... more
                • So are youKir, Thu Jan 18 17:37
                  Kir waited patiently for Jozua to form his thoughts into sentences. Overall, Jozua seemed to be calming down, which was probably a good thing, as Kir had suddenly remembered that the other boy ran... more
                  • You underestimate my level of freakabilityJozua, Thu Jan 18 20:52
                    Oh, good. Not hitting on him. That was good. Very good. It would make the next three years very awkward otherwise. Then Kir kept talking and Jozua began to suspect Kir might be making assumptions of... more
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