Sammy Meeks
Don't worry, we've got a little time first!
Tue Jan 16, 2018 19:43

The first thing Sammy did when she arrived on the Pitch was ditch her sneakers and stuff her socks in her backpack. She wiggled her toes against the grass and grinned. Did the bare feet go with her otherwise stylish outfit? Probably not. Did she care? Not at all. Fashion was about being bold and daring or whatever.

It was weird, being on the Pitch and not expecting to launch into the air, not preparing to swing a bat and send certain doom at an underclassman. It was a beautiful experience that she was probably not going to have again, at least not in the same capacity. Sammy was going to have to find some rec leagues or something. Her chosen college didn’t have a Quidditch team, though, and she probably wasn’t going pro in the future. So her captaincy at Sonora - and, admittedly, going out on a loss - was probably the end of the run.

But she was smiling nonetheless. Sonora’s Head Girl was pretty pleased with how things had gone here. And sure, graduating was somewhat bittersweet, but she’d make it. She’d watched a lot of her friends leave - either graduating or transferring out - over the years here, so it was weird to be the one leaving now, leaving Kira and Ben and her Pecalus babies, etc. Hopefully they’d remain in touch, like she’d stayed in touch with John and Jamie since they left. So it would be okay. And it was time to move on, really. She was eighteen now and ready to stretch her wings.

Not before one last day with her friends, though, and speaking of, she was pleased to see Kira coming up to her. Sammy was very glad the two of them had become friends; Kira was shy and nervous, but she was way smarter and way more fun than she thought she was. “Definitely!” Sammy replied happily. “Want to go claim a tent now, or hang out by the fire for a while first? Because I don’t mean to brag, but I do make a mean s’more, and I’ve got a hankering for some marshmallowy goodness.”

  • Time to say goodbye(Tag Sammy)Kira Spaulding, Mon Jan 15 19:00
    As happy as Kira was that Kelsey was graduating-it would be nice to have one year where she wasn't going to have to worry that her cousin's mere presence would alert others to her own flaws-it also... more
    • Don't worry, we've got a little time first! — Sammy Meeks, Tue Jan 16 19:43
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