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Jozua Sparks
Yeah. Sparks burn.
Tue Jan 16, 2018 20:43

Jozua honestly wasn't paying much attention to the people around him. He was pretty focused on the cursed green hoop that keep wanting to run away from him. So when someone close by asked, "How the heck are they doing that?" Jozua had no idea he was the person being addressed or what feats the speaker was talking about. But the question raised enough curiosity in him for him to look around. Georgia Kirkly was hula hooping in the normal manner, and doing surprisingly good with it. Kir McLeod was evidently the person who spoke and given the lack of other viable targets, Jozua gathered he'd been the one so addressed. Following Kir's line of sight - Oh. Wow.

How was Raine doing that?

But he'd said they. That meant more than one person. Well, Joe was doing an unspectacular job of juggling and . . . Raine was still doing the flaming hoop thing, which was really hard to look away from.

Oh, more fire over there. Ginger Pierce. Whoa. Who knew the Teppenpaw Quidditch Captain could throw fire around like that? Then she neatly doused her fire sticks, bowed to her audience and wandered off. Huh.

And Raine was still fire hooping. He suddenly had a lot more respect for the activity which he had recently been learning. Speaking of, where was his hoop? Curse it. "Excuse me," he said to Kir and ran after where it had flown and rolled off while he was distracted. Returning with it, and not attempting to multitask, he remained holding the hoop but not doing anything with it as he said, "I have no idea," he answered the immediate question, because he really, honestly, had no idea about the mechanics of how they had done those things. "I had no idea Ginger could juggle like that, but Raine, I think Raine's in a circus. Didn't know she was so . . ." Jozua looked at her again and forgot what he'd been going to say. "I want my hoop on fire," he said after a moment. "That looks so awesome." Reason came back to him. "But I'd probably get third degree burns or something, so probably not yet."

"You gonna hoop?" he asked, waving Kir invitingly over to the pile. "Raine makes it look sexy, and Georgia's doing pretty great at it, too, but I feel like an idiot swinging it around on my arm and not even managing that."

  • I guess that's for the bestKir McLeod, Tue Jan 16 15:04
    Kir was sort of excited for the bonfire. After all, who didn’t love a good fire? His dad and his aunt didn’t often reminisce about many things from their childhood - unsurprising given their eventual ... more
    • Yeah. Sparks burn. — Jozua Sparks, Tue Jan 16 20:43
      • “Yeah, she is,” Kyte nodded, when Jozua pointed out that Raine was was really…. In spite of the sentence not ending with any discernible adjective, he definitely agreed. “I wish the Aladren girls... more
        • Really, let’s not spark anything hereJozua, Wed Jan 17 13:10
          Jozua gave Kir an odd look, momentarily confused about whether Kir meant the House Aladren or the town Aladren, but deciding that he must mean the House Aladren because Kir probably didn’t know any... more
          • Kir was tempted for a moment to ask which Pecari Jozua specifically wanted there, but he didn’t necessarily think that was a fair question given how little he knew the other boy. He also wasn’t... more
            • Hey! That’s harsh!Jozua, Thu Jan 18 09:08
              Jozua stared at Kir, confused and taken aback. “I thought- You weren’t? I - Oh.“ Okay. He must have totally misread the other boy’s question and consequently overreacted in entirely the wrong way for ... more
              • So are youKir, Thu Jan 18 17:37
                Kir waited patiently for Jozua to form his thoughts into sentences. Overall, Jozua seemed to be calming down, which was probably a good thing, as Kir had suddenly remembered that the other boy ran... more
                • You underestimate my level of freakabilityJozua, Thu Jan 18 20:52
                  Oh, good. Not hitting on him. That was good. Very good. It would make the next three years very awkward otherwise. Then Kir kept talking and Jozua began to suspect Kir might be making assumptions of... more
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