Works for me
Tue Jan 16, 2018 21:11

Zevalyn grinned, and saluted Georgia with her marshmallow-on-a-stick, as it was complimented. Then, as Georgia stumbled through answering Zevalyn's cascade of questions, her eyes widened a bit in surprise as Georgia declared her as her best friend. Wow. That was unexpected and flattering. She couldn't help a grin spreading across her face. "You're my best friend here, too," she returned the declaration, making it mutual. Amber was probably still her best-best friend, but Amber wasn't here, and never could be, because Amber didn't have magic. And with Zevalyn being away from Pheonix nine months out of the year, they were already starting to drift apart.

"And I'd be totally okay with Juniper joining us, if she wants to," Zevalyn added, to close the one loose thread left hanging. "I don't know her very well, but wouldn't mind getting to know her. She seems really shy though. If you two had been planning to tent together, I didn't want to make her nervous. I don't have a roommate, so I wasn't sure whether it's standard to stick with them for your tent or find someone new."

She grinned again, bouncing a little as she put her marshmallow near the flames, "So, best friend, let's get to the hard questions now. What's your favorite color, and your favorite story? Book, play, TV show, whatever your media of choice is."

  • Cool. Maybe we should do it together moreGeorgia, Tue Jan 16 13:12
    “Cool. Good choice of snack too,” Georgia grinned, when she saw that Zevalyn had also brought marshmallows over. She was glad Zevalyn seemed happy and chilled. Her life seemed to have been completely ... more
    • Works for me — Zevalyn, Tue Jan 16 21:11
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