Mind the flying hoops don't shatter your fragile masculinity
Wed Jan 17, 2018 16:26

Kir was tempted for a moment to ask which Pecari Jozua specifically wanted there, but he didn’t necessarily think that was a fair question given how little he knew the other boy. He also wasn’t particularly keen to answer any reciprocal enquiries, so he just let it go.

He dropped his hoop in surprise at Jozua’s tone. The other boy sounded kind of pissed off with him. Jozua rapidly went through fumbling his hoop, being snappy, and turning his back on Kir in quick succession. Kir managed to process that Louis Valois was possibly gay and that Jozua had very fragile masculinity, before the other boy decided he wasn’t done, dropped his hoop again, and decided to defend even further how very heterosexual he was. Kir made a mental note to try and slip Louis some flyers later, and maybe have a quiet word with him, but there wasn’t much he could do about that right now. There was, however, the issue of Jozua. He stepped out of his hoop and picked it up, gripping it in one hand and bouncing the rim on the floor.

Kir felt his neck burning. He had, rather surprisingly, not got into an argument with anyone at school so far over his family’s politics, and he wouldn’t have pegged a… a relatively normal seeming boy from his house as likely to be the first. He didn’t want to argue with Jozua. He knew that meeting hate with hate never got you anywhere. And ‘hateful’ was a strong word for what Jozua being. He was just… Uncomfortable. Not that that was acceptable in Kir’s book. How could you be uncomfortable with other people’s existence, and not feel like that was wrong? How could who other people loved and or were attracted to be something that wound someone up this much? But he wasn’t going to yell, or put Jozua down. Kir had been sorted into Teppenpaw for a reason - he was good at taking a deep breath, and trying to be calm. Diplomatic. He wasn’t quite sure how Jozua had ended up there, but that wasn’t the issue right now. When Jozua turned back, Kir was wearing a look that said he wasn’t angry, just disappointed.

“I don’t care who you like. Or who anyone else does. That’s kind of the point,” Kir replied to Jozua’s declaration. “Unless it’s me, then I’d be very keen to know,” he added. “Why are you sound wound up by what I said?” he challenged.

  • Really, let’s not spark anything hereJozua, Wed Jan 17 13:10
    Jozua gave Kir an odd look, momentarily confused about whether Kir meant the House Aladren or the town Aladren, but deciding that he must mean the House Aladren because Kir probably didn’t know any... more
    • Mind the flying hoops don't shatter your fragile masculinity — Kir, Wed Jan 17 16:26
      • Hey! That’s harsh!Jozua, Thu Jan 18 09:08
        Jozua stared at Kir, confused and taken aback. “I thought- You weren’t? I - Oh.“ Okay. He must have totally misread the other boy’s question and consequently overreacted in entirely the wrong way for ... more
        • So are youKir, Thu Jan 18 17:37
          Kir waited patiently for Jozua to form his thoughts into sentences. Overall, Jozua seemed to be calming down, which was probably a good thing, as Kir had suddenly remembered that the other boy ran... more
          • You underestimate my level of freakabilityJozua, Thu Jan 18 20:52
            Oh, good. Not hitting on him. That was good. Very good. It would make the next three years very awkward otherwise. Then Kir kept talking and Jozua began to suspect Kir might be making assumptions of... more
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