Vladimir Brockert
Ooh, fun!
Wed Jan 17, 2018 18:23

Vlad really liked camping. Sometimes he went camping with Dad and some of his uncles and cousins, and that was really fun. It was just the boys that went, which he didn’t really get because he was pretty sure some of the girls would’ve probably had fun going, but he had a good time when he went anyway, even if he did miss his mom and his sisters while they were gone.

But the cool thing about Sonora’s camping was that everybody got to go, yay! Except that boys had to share tents with boys and girls had to share tents with girls, so that meant he couldn’t share with Ivy or Peyton or Tatiana, but he could still share with Dorian! Admittedly he had done that all year, but he liked it a lot so this would be fun to keep doing!

That’s who he was looking for in the crowd when somebody bumped into him (literally) and turned out to also be looking for Dorian. It was Jehan, their yearmate. Vladimir knew that Dorian was friends with Jehan, so he wasn’t surprised that the Aladren boy was looking for him. “No, sorry,” Vlad answered. “I was looking for him, too, actually. Do you want to look together?” Neither boy was particularly tall to see over the crowd - Vlad himself happened to be a bit short for his age, and given that his age was eleven, that made him generally pretty small - but maybe having two sets of eyes looking would help. And even if it didn’t, it was better to have company than to be alone!

  • On a hunt [Tag Vlad]Jehan Callahan, Tue Jan 2 11:19
    Jehan had been very excited about the idea of a bonfire. Sure, he’d had bonfires at home, mostly in the course of helping their gardener. Those had been fun, especially when Victor had joined in.... more
    • Ooh, fun! — Vladimir Brockert, Wed Jan 17 18:23
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