So are you
Thu Jan 18, 2018 17:37

Kir waited patiently for Jozua to form his thoughts into sentences. Overall, Jozua seemed to be calming down, which was probably a good thing, as Kir had suddenly remembered that the other boy ran the duelling club. He liked to think he’d have been heroic to call him out on his reaction either way but he had this sneaky doubt that the reason he’d never got into a confrontation of any kind before was because he was a coward and kept avoiding it when it needed to come up.

Although it seemed like his chances for bravery weren’t quite over yet… Jozua had apologised. And checked that nothing gay was going on, because Merlin forbid that anyone should be openly gay in public in a high school. Kir could accept the apology, and assure Jozua that this was all just cool straight bros hanging out being straight, and could leave the encounter with his kneecaps facing their usual direction. Or could he try to explain…

“Thanks. It sounds like your year was… complicated,” he conceded. “And I’m not hitting on you,” he confirmed, Homophobes aren’t really my type. He bit back the response. Boys weren’t really his type, he was pretty sure, but that was by far the less relevant point right now. He would rather his classmates thought he was gay than that he would judge anyone who was, as in his book, only one of those was a bad thing to be. He would rather do what was kind and right than what was safe or easy. He would rather risk his kneecaps than let his family down.

“Jozua…. The thing is though…. It shouldn’t matter whether I did or not, or whether you are or not. If a girl hit on you, and you didn’t like her, you wouldn’t bite her head off, so why do it to me? Just cos you’re not gay doesn’t mean you should treat it like it’s something disgusting. People think they don’t know anyone gay in school. So they think they can make it into a joke, or an insult. And they wouldn’t say it to a gay person’s face - they’re not cruel - so they think that everything they’re doing is fine. But is it any wonder most people don’t come out in highschool if that’s how their classmates talk about them?”
His mouth had never been so freaking dry. But, if his kneecaps were to be obliterated, at least they would die a hero’s death. He would have felt like such a fraud if he’d just walked away.

  • Hey! That’s harsh!Jozua, Thu Jan 18 09:08
    Jozua stared at Kir, confused and taken aback. “I thought- You weren’t? I - Oh.“ Okay. He must have totally misread the other boy’s question and consequently overreacted in entirely the wrong way for ... more
    • So are you — Kir, Thu Jan 18 17:37
      • You underestimate my level of freakabilityJozua, Thu Jan 18 20:52
        Oh, good. Not hitting on him. That was good. Very good. It would make the next three years very awkward otherwise. Then Kir kept talking and Jozua began to suspect Kir might be making assumptions of... more
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