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I have no real need for gold, for I have a friend to hold
Fri Jan 19, 2018 05:20

Ah. It was Tatya. Dorian had been ready to squirrel the book away into his pocket, far too used to his things being snatched by his brother for a game of keep-away. He had not had any such experiences at Sonora but he was wary of being in grabbing range of anyone older than him. But it was Tatya - his Tatya - and he relaxed.

"Oh yes, very big secret," he nodded seriously. Leaning in with an air of confidentiality he stage whispered, "I cannot speak the English good," his accent exaggerated and his grammar deliberately off. "Please, not tell anyone."

“I write down the fire words. The light… the movement. All very exact words, and I do not know,” he explained, holding the page out to her. His serious air had quickly melted into a broad grin. It felt good to be able to joke around. He felt a surge of affection for Tatya, at having a friend who understood how it felt to struggle to find your words. He wanted to reach out and twirl her around in a twirl that said 'I am so happy to be here with you. I am so happy that we had this year together.' He settled for an arm across her shoulders instead, giving her a squeeze. Sometimes it was hard to know the rules about touching. You weren't supposed to touch girls because it was inappropriate - indelicate. You weren't supposed to touch boys because that was inappropriate in a whole other set of ways - that was chochotte. Luckily, his own group of friends seemed just as tactile as he was, although it sometimes felt like they had to keep it out of sight of other people. Hopefully Tatya’s reputation wouldn’t be ruined by a simple hug. She’d embraced him in a hall full of people afterall. And she didn’t have any older brothers looming about the place to disapprove… Perhaps it would be more complicated as they got older but for now it seemed safe. He was so happy and so comfortable with the people around him, and his heart felt so grateful and so light.

"Ma chère Tatya," he smiled. Chère really was the perfect word for her, because he imagined that keeping her happy definitely would be. "You have extra nickname for when I am even more happy to see you?" he asked. He knew there were several thousand variations of her name but he was never sure about the various rules or connotations for using them - whether some were just for family. He didn’t want to overstep any boundaries. Luckily, he had two other languages at his disposal if there wasn’t anything he could use, but he liked trying to use Russian with her, and making her feel at home.

OOC - chère means ‘dear’ but has the same double meaning as in English, also meaning expensive.

  • Firebird of old, give us your apples of gold.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Jan 18 19:53
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    • I have no real need for gold, for I have a friend to hold — Dorian, Fri Jan 19 05:20
      • Having both makes one happy and bold.Tatiana, Mon Jan 22 16:08
        Tatiana leaned forward to hear as Dorian whispered about his great ‘secret.’ Upon the revelation, she stood back, covering her mouth with her hand in mock surprise. “Never tell,” she said, just as... more
        • Dorian smiled as Tatya agreed to keep his secret. She hugged him back, which reassured him both in the sense that his hug was clearly not unwelcome, and also because it was always nice to be held. He ... more
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