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Having both makes one happy and bold.
Mon Jan 22, 2018 16:08

Tatiana leaned forward to hear as Dorian whispered about his great ‘secret.’ Upon the revelation, she stood back, covering her mouth with her hand in mock surprise.

“Never tell,” she said, just as seriously. “Our secret.”

She looked politely over the page of words, though the French was in places beyond hers (wasn’t ‘sauté’ something one did to food? Did Dorian want to cook on the bonfire?) and put an arm around him in turn as she did. It had seemed odd, being familiar with people here, earlier in the year, but at home, she was so used to walking around holding hands with Katya when she wasn’t hair-pulling with Katya or hugging Papa that she was now pleased she and Dorian were not so formal together now.

“We have many words, too, po-russkii,” she told him. “This – maybe ogon’, maybe pozhar, not kamin. I think plamya best.” Plamya had the sense of ‘blaze,’ where kamin was a more controlled fire, like in a fireplace. Ogon’ and pozhar were less specific.

Tatiana thought for a moment about her other names and their contexts – she had never really had friends outside the family before coming here, as Mama thought she and her sisters and brothers should be able to entertain themselves with the occasional assistance from her cousins. “You can say Tanushka,” she decided finally. Tatianochka was what Papa called her, when he didn’t call her malen’kii kolibri or umnaya doch’, it was very much a pet name, and only Mama and Grishka ever really called her ‘Tanya.’ Besides, ‘Tanya’ in particular was no more intimate than ‘Tatya.’ “French, Chinese – they really have no names like this?”

OOC: Tatiana’s Russian fire words courtesy of Google Translate. Malen’kii kolibri means ‘little hummingbird’ and umnaya doch’ means ‘clever daughter.’

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    • Having both makes one happy and bold. — Tatiana, Mon Jan 22 16:08
      • Dorian smiled as Tatya agreed to keep his secret. She hugged him back, which reassured him both in the sense that his hug was clearly not unwelcome, and also because it was always nice to be held. He ... more
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