The potions might suffer, but I’d enjoy it more
Wed Jan 24, 2018 09:17

Jasmine was dutifully trying to remember the measure of Flossie’s wingspan when Gary, instead of politely waiting for her to provide the requested statistic, kept asking questions, each one increasingly less likely for her to be able to answer than the last, until he was questioning her about some kind of obscure creature called an owlbear, which her family certainly didn’t raise on their ranch.

“Well, I haven’t heard of them,” she said, opting to answer the latest question since the conversation seemed to have moved along to that point with all of Gary’s rambling. “But we’re still just first years, so they may come up in intermediate or advanced Care of Magical Creatures. I don’t know about some unnamed mad wizard, but magic in general has made some very unlikely things possible.”

“Like elephant sized flying horses,” she added, sounding very pleased with herself for bringing the conversation back around to those. “Their bones are not hollow,” she put in, too, because she knew this, and he had asked. “They use magic to make up for their lack of arrow dynamics.” Uncle Daniel had told her that once. She wasn’t quite sure what arrow dynamics were, but she gathered they had something to do with how things could fly (including arrows, but horses and planes and brooms and other things, too. She guessed maybe the term was invented when it was mostly arrows that people worried about flying.)

She picked up a handful of marshmallows from the food table and asked, “Did you want to toast marshmallows?” She was closer to the roasting sticks, “I can grab you a stick.”

  • What about potions class?Gary, Thu Jan 18 20:20
    Gary just shook his head in disbelief as she talked about her horses. "As big as elephants? That's incredible. What kind of wingspan do they have? To get enough lift for that kind of weight... That's ... more
    • The potions might suffer, but I’d enjoy it more — Jasmine, Wed Jan 24 09:17
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