But I would not choose to be without- JEEEEEHAAAAAN
Thu Jan 25, 2018 20:10

Dorian smiled as Tatya agreed to keep his secret. She hugged him back, which reassured him both in the sense that his hug was clearly not unwelcome, and also because it was always nice to be held. He wasn't sure whether she was talking about words for fire, or words for describing what the fire did, but he decided to let them just wash over him for now. He liked hearing her speak Russian even when he didn't understand, because it was just... right. She was being herself, and happy and comfortable, and that was reassuring because the world was a better place when people were able to be comfortable in their own skins. Which he was, here, with all of his friends.

“I think I like Sonora,” he decided. “Even they speak the wrong language and make my head hurt sometime. It have very good people. Have you, Tanushka, have Jehan...” he dropped his arm from Tatya, so he could turn from the fire, and keep an eye out. “I am supposed to meet him...” he explained, scanning the crowd.

“Hmm. We have some small names,” he explained, putting his book away, as he thought he might not need it for a while, “But sometimes it depend on the name. Some name have many ways of being shorter, but some it is more hard to make the nickname with. We all are calling Émilie 'Émi' very often, but no one is calling me 'Dori' – it not work, I not know why,” he forestalled any questioning from Tatya. “Chinese, we always have house name – the small affectionate way that our parents call us, but only one... Then, of course, when we visit there we use our Chinese name, but this is completely different name, not nickname. My parents will use more describing words or the sweet words like chèr... chèrie, mon lapinou... Before, I think I have a lot of names but then I meet you,” he grinned. “Maybe I need- JEHAN!” he began, deciding that he would have to start using more nicknames for all of them in order to properly demonstrate to Tatya the full rich affection of his home languages, but cutting himself off as he saw his best friend. Although Jehan was not alone. There was not one but two curly heads making their way towards them, as he seemed to have picked up Vlad along the way. It seemed slightly odd to see them together in a situation which he hadn't initiated, as he was usually the link between them (and when Jehan had been meant to be coming to meet him) but they would all be sharing a tent later anyway, and so he quickly brushed this aside in favour of just being happy at having almost everyone he loved (and/or liked – Vlad had been very gallant in saving him from the balloons without even laughing but he wasn't as close to him as he was to Tanushka and Jehan) in the same place at the same time.

Dorian quickly closed the remaining few paces between them, launching himself at Jehan with none of the hesitation or delicacy with which he'd hugged Tatya. He flung both arms round Jehan's skinny shoulders, and he squeezed him firmly, his nose squashing into Jehan's face close to his ear.

“Hey mec,” he murmured happily.

“Privet, Vladya” he greeted Vlad. He knew that in spite of his Russian name and family, Vlad didn't speak much, but Tatya seemed to think he needed all the encouragement possible in this regard, and it was a toss up between Russian and English, and being together with this many of them made it feel like a Club of Tongues meeting, which probably meant having as many languages flying about the place as possible. He put an arm around Vlad, giving him a quick side hug because meeting Vlad for about five minutes was long enough for anyone to get the fact that he was a huggy person too.

“I wait for you,” he explained, returning his attention to Jehan and leading them to the fire's edge and to Tatya. “I think it easier to find if one of us stays in the same place. But it is good you do not think the same,” he laughed. “And then while I am waiting, Tatya finds me, and you finded Vlad?” he added, slightly questioningly. “And now we can have un bonne fire,” he added with a wink, pretty sure Jehan's levels of French were up to getting that pun without explaining. They would have fire words, and fire poems, and roast marshmallows... But he found that all of that could wait. He didn't want to start peppering Jehan with questions, or filling his brain up. He just wanted to enjoy them all being here. He wanted to pull all of them into a huge hug and not have to let go again. He settled for draping an arm across Jehan's shoulders.

“I am just telling Tatya... Sonora is so nice. I have so nice friends,” he made a gesture that encompassed all of them and beyond, “Everything here... it is good.”

OOC 'mec' is literally 'guy' but is an affectionate/informal way to greet a good friend. I would assume it's either Tatya or Jehan's turn, as it was in each half of this thread before it merged, though I suspect there won't be too much more on this either way.

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    • But I would not choose to be without- JEEEEEHAAAAAN — Dorian, Thu Jan 25 20:10
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