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Parker Fitzgerald
The beginning of a new one!
Tue Jan 30, 2018 13:24

Parker had always loved fire. The warmth, the crackle, the way that it would slowly turn branches or paper into smoke that would rise up. He also found it shockingly peaceful. When he was home for the holidays he would often find himself looking into the fire at his parents house, letting his mind wander. He also felt like this event was made for him as it was on the Quidditch Pitch. Though his last outing had not been fun, and he winced a bit whenever he thought of how his ribs felt after the game, he had still found he loved the game.

So as he looked around at all the other students going to get food and enjoying themselves, he smiled with the thought that this was where he belonged. This was his tribe.

Then out of the crowd Cleo broke through and linked her arm through his. Parker laughed at how excited she seemed as she pulled him to the food.

"Food sounds good."

Parker had liked getting to know Cleo this year. She had been a welcomed break from some of the cold shoulders of the other students and she loved being outside as much if not more than him. She didn't seem to like fire as much as he did, then again, nor did she like to play Quidditch. Either way they had had fun with exploring.

Cleo stopped midsentence, she looked so sad and Parker almost wanted to reach out to her and let her know it was all going to be ok, but the opposite of how most of their conversations went, Parker didn't get a chance to respond.

Parker didn't know what to do with the information Cleo was throwing at him. Of course they'd still hang out. He might even do a bit better in a few of his classes cause he wouldn't be sitting there planning things with Cleo. In others, like Herbology, he assumed he'd do a bit worse.

Parker smiled at Cleo, "No worries. You couldn't get rid of me if you tried. You're the nicest person to me, plus, who else will make the Labyrinth map with me? I'm still new to this whole magic thing, and I'm gonna need help from someone smart like you."

Parker wasn't just saying that. He meant it through and through. From what he had seen Cleo was one of the smartest people he'd met that was his age and she was humble about it, which as his mother always said, meant it was likely to grow instead of shrink. Parker knew there was a lot in the world he didn't know let alone understand, but he knew being friends with smart people was always the best move. It didn't hurt that she was fun to be around.

"Come on, I'm hungry," Parker said this time pulling Cleo towards the food.

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