Zevalyn Ives
Yoink! Mine!
Wed Feb 7, 2018 15:17

Zevalyn checked the library board periodically, checking to see who else she would be working with as a library assistant, and this morning there had been another notice tacked on next to it. She had left that one there, as she was not really inclined toward playing a wizard, but she'd been watching the school's other boards to see what else she could be.

There hadn't been one in Cascade, though she couldn't tell if that was because it had already been snagged or if Gary just hadn't put one up there. Likewise the Aladren common room, though she honestly hadn't really expected one there since that would prevent three quarters of the school from playing whatever class might have been put there.

Neither had she seen one in MARS even though she checked every room. At that point she had wondered if wizard was the only thing left and contemplated (a) whether wizard would be acceptable (to which she decided, no, no it would not), and (b) whether it was really worth searching the whole school to play a game with a second year. She wasn't even entirely sure which of the two second year Aladrens Gary was. To the later question, she decided, yes, yes it was.

It was D&D. D&D was no Pathfinder - well, unless it was 3.5, then it was pretty close, but he hadn't specified version so she was assuming the most recent - and she had literally been named for her mother's Pathfinder character, but she figured it was the next best thing. Mom and Dad would be pleased to hear about something so normal to get involved with at her new school, and after the past two years, Zevalyn could really use something fun and normal to do here.

So she applied logic, and ended up in the Hospital Wing and kind of whooped a little when she saw the cleric invitation was still there. More importantly, it was the cleric invitation. And the wizard one had been in the library. Which meant there was a logic to this.

That was how she came to the door leading out to the Quidditch Pitch and found the one she actually wanted. "Ha!" she crowed and snatched the invite down from the wall (she hadn't even needed to go outside to the arena where wizards came as close as they ever did to beating each other with clubs, sweet!). Straight up fighter. And human, too, so she got the extra feat that was so important to fighters. Nice.

Zevalyn the Pathfinder had been a human Slayer, which was mostly a fighter, as close as the base D&D classes came to it anyway, so it seemed appropriate. Zevalyn probably wouldn't name hers Zevalyn though. That would be just a bit weird. Maybe Amber, for her best friend back home, who didn't have so much as a drop of magic in her. (Well, maybe a drop or two, since she was a squib rather than a true muggle, but not nearly enough to get accepted to Sonora anyway.)

Now she just needed to figure out who Gary Harper was and tell him she was in, with the human fighter, Amber the Valorous.

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    • Yoink! Mine! — Zevalyn Ives, Wed Feb 7 15:17
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