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Professor Wright
Flying lessons for first years!
Sat Feb 10, 2018 22:19

Glasses were not objects Gray thought about very often. He had worn them, after all, every day since before he had ever entered Sonora’s walls as an eleven-year-old student. Reaching for them every morning and putting them on was almost a reflex at this point, and when it failed, he noticed quick, fast, and in a hurry because of the difficulty this caused with pouring his juice into a glass and not all over a table. His glasses were like clothes – he didn’t think about them much, but wouldn’t think of going many places without them.

Today, however, he was thinking about them as he gathered the first years for their flying lessons. He was thinking about how very much he envied people who did not require them. He had a headache, did not have time to run down to the hospital wing to swallow any potions, and could not wear sunglasses with any efficiency. He had tried that before, a natural consequence of living in California for most of his life, and it just didn’t work well. They looked ridiculous at best and slipped around wildly, stunning his eyes with light and dark every time, at worst. So he was just going to have to suffer through flying lessons.

He tried not let the students see that he was suffering, though, as it was neither their fault nor their concern, plus the less kindly among them might see it as an invitation to try to get ‘round the professor and do something they were not supposed to do. His year had already been quite interesting enough. First years crashing into the building would not be good.

“Hello, everyone,” he said. “Welcome to your third-ever flying class.” For some of them, of course, this was almost certainly untrue, but others…. ”You’ve now spent most of at least two hours of your lives on brooms, at least at a hover, so congratulations. Today, you’re all going to move on into actual flying. Your basic goal for today is to rise at least ten feet in the air and fly from the center of the Pitch here to the goalposts on my left. Those of you who are new will want to do that a few times, those of you who’ve been playing during the basics lessons should attempt the length of the Pitch at least once before you go back to playing catch. If you’re flying down here where the beginners are, no racing or diving or pranking them, please, thank you. Sound clear enough, everyone?”

OOC: Welcome to flying class! Two things you should know is that you would have met Professor Wright as your Charms teacher as well as your flying teacher, and that your first lessons were like the ones in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone were before Neville’s fall – saying ‘up’, mounting the broom, hovering, etc. Students who already know how to fly are allowed to go play with Quaffles and such after Gray determined in the first lesson that they could sit their brooms correctly, though. All posting rules – good spelling and grammar, at least 200 words, more detail and creativity equals more points, no godmoding – apply. Tag me if you need me, and have fun!

    • Trying to make progressSylvia Mordue, Crotalus, Sun Feb 18 08:34
      Even though Simon seemed either unwilling or unable to help her, Sylvia had not fully given up on the idea of Nate becoming a Crotalus. She had him sit with her at their house table more or less... more
    • I suppose that means meHeinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren, Sun Feb 11 20:29
      Heinrich was not terribly impressed with flying lessons. Professor Wright was a bit wordy, in Heinrich's opinion, but so were most of the teachers. Not one of them kindly kept to simple... more
      • And meMichael DiCaprio, Pecari, Sat Feb 17 01:13
        Flying wasn't the most interesting class, but it was the most fun because Mikey got to play around while others learned how to fly for the first time. Playing catch wasn't really the most exciting... more
        • Sorry for the delay in responding Heinrich, Tue Feb 27 08:49
          Heinrich was glad for nearly universal nonverbal gestures and facial expressions because “Yup pretty much” sounded to him like the other boy was saying something was very beautiful or nice but the... more
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