Sylvia Mordue, Crotalus
Trying to make progress
Sun Feb 18, 2018 08:34

Even though Simon seemed either unwilling or unable to help her, Sylvia had not fully given up on the idea of Nate becoming a Crotalus. She had him sit with her at their house table more or less every meal time, seeing as the rules weren’t as strict on that as they were at the feast, Perhaps if everyone in Crotalus simply regarded Nate as one of them, she could get him reassigned (if people picked players for teams and clubs, why not houses?) and, if she couldn’t, at least he’d be accepted by all the right people, and that was the main thing.

Flying class was probably her least favourite hour of the day. It wasn’t even treated as a proper class by the staff as evidenced by the fact that the weedy Charms teacher could cover it. It was dull, as subject matter, but fraught with social difficulties to mind. It was rare these days that a girl was called out such matters, but some people didn’t find it very ladylike to play Quidditch. Flying, of course, was not Quidditch, but appearing too interested or too proficient at it could raise eyebrows. However, she did not like to appear incompetent at anything. Sylvia almost wanted to play Quidditch, just because she was quite determined that Simon should not be better at her than anything, and because he already got quite enough special privileges by being heir, so why did he have to have a whole sport to himself as well? However, she was not going to sign up unless she sensed it was something that would impress rather than alienate her brother’s roommates, who were both handsome, eligible Pureblood boys. She could cheer Winston (and Simon - people would probably find her loyalty to her brother endearing) on from the stands, which he would surely like. And which she could do in the company of Victor, who was surely in need of company during matches, seeing as both of his roommates played, and his brother presumably supported a rival team. Indeed, when she looked at it like that, not playing seemed deeply advantageous.

The lesson for the day was very easy, given that she’d grown up around magic and already knew how to fly a broom. The main challenge was doing a decently competent job, so as not to seem helpless, whilst not doing so well that she seemed rough or unruly. She had decided that the most important element of the class was socialising - it was certainly the thing she stood to make the most personal progress in, or lose the most ground if things went ill. She took the flight at a leisurely (though not hesitant, or nervous) pace, calling out to a neighbour.

“Hello. How are you finding this class?”

  • Flying lessons for first years!Professor Wright, Sat Feb 10 22:19
    Glasses were not objects Gray thought about very often. He had worn them, after all, every day since before he had ever entered Sonora’s walls as an eleven-year-old student. Reaching for them every... more
    • Trying to make progress — Sylvia Mordue, Crotalus, Sun Feb 18 08:34
    • I suppose that means meHeinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren, Sun Feb 11 20:29
      Heinrich was not terribly impressed with flying lessons. Professor Wright was a bit wordy, in Heinrich's opinion, but so were most of the teachers. Not one of them kindly kept to simple... more
      • And meMichael DiCaprio, Pecari, Sat Feb 17 01:13
        Flying wasn't the most interesting class, but it was the most fun because Mikey got to play around while others learned how to fly for the first time. Playing catch wasn't really the most exciting... more
        • Sorry for the delay in responding Heinrich, Tue Feb 27 08:49
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