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Heinrich was glad for nearly universal nonverbal gestures and facial expressions because “Yup pretty much” sounded to him like the other boy was saying something was very beautiful or nice but the tone and body language suggested he was actually being told that he was correct. Why did English have to be so confusing? He had already figured out that ‘yeah’ was a less formal way of saying ‘yes’ but what was ‘yup?’ Was that even English? Masha had Russian as her primary language. Maybe this boy was foreign, too?

If he was though, he was really good at complex English sentence structure. There were words in what he said that Heinrich could pick out and define, but the whole context of it was lost on him. The words for flying, race, and liking something stood out and combining that with the other’s obvious disappointment let him guess at the gist of it: Other Kid wanted to broom race and the professor said it would be a long time before that would be all right.

Heinrich looked disappointed, too. “It pleases me to race,” he agreed. “I fly fast,” he continued, trying to express that broom racing was something he had some experience in doing. “Want you we after classes to race?” He knew he had the word order in there messed up, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember how it was supposed to go. He hoped the other boy would be able to figure out what he meant anyway. And surely the staff wouldn’t have objections outside of class, when there weren’t so many new beginners in the way. If first years were allowed to play Quidditch there was no logical reason to forbid them from racing on their own time.

“I am Heinrich,” he added, getting tired of calling the other kid Other Kid in his head. “What are you called?” This sentence he was more sure of, as it came up much more frequently in his Conversational English lessons.

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    Flying wasn't the most interesting class, but it was the most fun because Mikey got to play around while others learned how to fly for the first time. Playing catch wasn't really the most exciting... more
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