Coach Patricia Reilly
Quidditch Sign Ups!
Thu Aug 2, 2018 15:36

Coach Patricia Reilly hadn’t needed to look for a job long between when her last position dissolved due to budget cuts and when Sonora accepted her to fill a long held vacancy. The Sonora Quidditch program had languished a bit during the years without a proper coach, and she was determined to fix it.

The main problem seemed to be a small population that couldn’t quite support a four House tournament style of play. Patty had a solution for that. Her last position had also been at a small school, so she knew for a fact there was a local league down a team, which would be glad to have another school join them, and which Patricia herself was already well acquainted with and had some small amount of influence toward herself.

So she got Sonora signed up and registered and scheduled for games both at home and at other small private magical schools in the American West. The only thing left to do was get a team and appoint a captain.

Sonora already had three captains and a couple more assistant captains - nearly enough for a team by themselves, so she had no doubt Sonora could at least manage one full team, possibly even including a full set of reserves, with no trouble at all - but she decided to hold tryouts first, then award the captain and assistant captain based on merit and skill rather than seniority and previous badge wearing experience. She didn’t expect to hand it out to any first years, of course, simply because seventeen year olds may have trouble following the orders of an eleven year old, so age would probably factor slightly, but overall she planned to be pretty open in that decision.

So on the night of the Opening Feast, after the students left for their dormitories, she posted up the Quidditch announcement on the Cascade Hall Bulletin board, with its heading in large green letters that she hoped wouldn’t be easily overlooked.

Sonora Quidditch!

New School Wide Team
Try-Outs on Wednesday
All are Welcome

Once those important details were declared, the font grew smaller and grammar began to assert itself as it switched from key points to full sentences.

Starting this year, Sonora Quidditch will be changed from four house teams that played amongst themselves to a single school team which will complete against other small magical schools in this part of the country. Games will be hosted both here at Sonora and at other schools.

One single tryout will be held for all students, first through seventh year, on the Pitch this Wednesday. Brooms will be provided if necessary. All ages and ability levels are welcome to try out.

Positions will be awarded by skill, as will the team captaincy, so bring your A game to tryouts! The final roster will include a first string team as well as a full second string reserve team. Those who do not make the team or reserves will be allowed to attend practices but will not be able to play competitively or attend away games.

Please sign up below if you are interested.

The bottom half of the page provided space for each potential student’s name, house, and year, as well as a grid for them to make a checkmark if they wished to be considered for Seeker, Keeper, Chaser, Beater, and/or Captain (check all that apply).

OOC: I know I said this is set in the Cascade Hall, but I posted it here because Cascade is busy with the OF and soon the HoH speeches. The Quidditch Pitch is lonely, and this is thematically appropriate. Just please remember it is, In Character (IC), in the Cascade Hall when you write your post about your student signing up. This is a normal post, so the minimum 200 word count rule still applies. Make sure you provide all the details the sign up sheet requests. Welcome to a new era of Sonora Quidditch!

    • Thank heavens!Parker Fitzgerald, Pecari, Wed Oct 17 11:05
      Parker was sick and tired of sitting and reading. It was information he wanted to read, and was still trying to read, but it was still annoying to sit still for so long without any outside... more
    • Signing upNess McLeod, Fri Aug 24 23:15
      Ness’ first morning was pretty intense, what with library time with Evelyn, and then celebrating Zevalyn’s birthday. But there was no way that the first year’s name was not going on the sign up sheet ... more
    • In it for the adventures.Tatiana Vorontsova, Fri Aug 10 15:20
      Tatiana’s ability to speak and read and write and understand heard English had all increased by leaps and bounds over the past few years, but bulletin boards were still a struggle for her.... more
    • Mildly enthusiastic.Nathaniel Mordue, Fri Aug 10 14:52
      Nathaniel spent a lot of time outdoors, but he did not really think of himself as much of an athlete. He was not particularly competitive by nature – indeed, he was usually quite happy to follow... more
    • Weighing my options.Amelia Layne, Fri Aug 10 14:26
      Amelia had accepted the Assistant Captain badge last year because to do otherwise would have been to reject her very identity. She was a Layne; Laynes, with the exception of her mother and brother,... more
    • Once more into the breach.Joe Umland, Fri Aug 10 14:12
      Joe wished he could say he was surprised by how much the inter-House team was really the Pecari Team and Friends, but he could not do so without lying. For Teppenpaw, he thought Quidditch was as much ... more
    • Everything is Winston's fault.Simon Mordue, Thu Aug 9 12:46
      As far as Simon had been concerned, things had been going brilliantly in the Quidditch world. He got all (well, half, at least) the status that went with being a Quidditch captain in fourth year... more
    • Scoping out the competition.Lily Spencer, Wed Aug 8 21:33
      The new Quidditch announcement was a bit sour for Lily for two reasons: one, she might not get the Assistant Captain position she’d been waiting for many years; two, she wouldn’t be able to represent ... more
    • Hoping to get luckyWinston Pierce, Tue Aug 7 13:51
      Winston was concerned about the Quidditch announcement. He was co-captain of the Crotalus team and it seemed likely that he would loose his authority and badge if all the teams merged into one, what... more
    • Practice onlyJozua Sparks, Thu Aug 2 19:08
      Jozua was relieved to hear the school was disbanding House quidditch teams. Joe had gone somewhat insane last year and made Jozua his assistant. This freed him from both that responsibility and... more
    • I nominate myself the sportiest sports guyBen Pierce, Thu Aug 2 18:34
      Ben was not normally an early riser, but being in Arizona instead of Boston meant it was a lot easier to get up ‘early’ on the first day of classes than it would be later, after his body had time to... more
    • Here goes nothing!Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Thu Aug 2 17:40
      Evelyn was surprised to find herself interested in the green lettering that promised to let all students, even first years, and even those with no known talent, try out for Quidditch. She hadn't... more
    • Cool! Quidditch!Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Thu Aug 2 15:58
      Malikhi stumbled into Cascade Hall the next morning, his eyes bleary and stifling a wide yawn. He was not a morning person by nature and this particular morning, following the Opening Feast, he felt... more
    • A little too ambitiousEden Manger, Thu Aug 2 15:57
      Every year, Eden surprised herself a little with her excitement for the new Quidditch season. This year was particularly surprising as she beelined to the sign up. It was weird that it was in the... more
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