Tabitha Hawthorne
Reuniting with old friends (tag Rory)
Mon Aug 13, 2018 15:42

Tabitha had been sitting in her office, reading the same line of her notes over and over again before she decided that it was time for some much-needed fresh air. She hadn't been sleeping well, her mind under stress from her falling out - could you fall out with someone if there was no argument? - with Mary and the anxiety stemming from having to give a lesson on Veelas to her Intermediate class, the same class that the truth about Cleo would be revealed. She came to the conclusion that she'd spent far too much time confined to her office.

She could've gone to Labyrinth Gardens but they would've only served a reminder of the Opening Feast night with Mary and, if she was honest, she didn't really want to think about the Potions mistress at the moment. The point of getting fresh air was to just be distracted, even for only a short while, from the things that swirled endlessly round in her mind. Therefore, she chose the Quidditch Pitch.

As she walked out to the Pitch, she was reminded strongly of her school years at Hogwarts. She'd been part of the Gryffindor team as one of the Chasers and remembered with a slight smile how much she'd enjoyed playing the matches, soaring high above the ground, in rain or shine, the yells of her teammates as the quaffle was thrown from Chaser to Chaser and the feeling of elation as she succesfully threw the ball through the hoop. It was a simpler time then. She'd been younger and more naive then, ignorant to the dangers of the world and also ignorant to heartbreak and loneliness.

She made her way to one of the stands and sat herself down on the wooden bench, looking out across the pitch. It was a nice day, with plenty of sunshine and a slight breeze that pulled at her short hair. For a distraction, it seemed fitting. Where better to get fresh air than a place that reminded her of a happier time? It was nice to just close her eyes and pretend that she was back there. She could almost heard the roar of the Gryffindor fans, smell the polish she'd used on her broomstick and see her teammates flying around her in the red and gold of her House.

She'd been so immersed in her reminiscent thoughts that she jumped where she heard footsteps on the wood of the stands.

    • Old friends?Rory Taransay, Thu Aug 16 16:09
      Rory often liked having a pre-prandial stroll, finding a bit of exercise between classes and dinner to be good for both switching off from work mode and for working up a good appetite. After all,... more
      • I think so? I'm not actually sure.Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 16 16:35
        Tabitha blinked at the newcomer. She hadn't expected company, figuring that most of the teachers would be teaching or doing some kind of duty that didn't allow afternoon strolls. She was suddenly... more
        • You might be onto something here...Rory, Thu Aug 16 17:15
          It was good to hear another British voice after being in America so long, even if said voice had a rather different accent to his own. Rory didnít have anything against the American accent, but it... more
          • I think I've got it...Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 16 17:33
            Rory Taransay... Something chimed inside Tabitha's head then, a clear bell that was waking up her memories that had long since been shoved into a dark corner while new experiences and adventures took ... more
            • I think you definitely have!Rory, Mon Aug 20 16:32
              Rory waited whilst Tabitha thought about if they knew each other, hoping he hadnít got it wrong and that he wouldnít come across as a complete weirdo. Then she named his old Quidditch position from... more
              • Re: I think you definitely have!Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 20 16:55
                Tabitha beamed, her smile wide and her previous negative feelings temporarily forgotten as Rory remembered her. Memories swam around in her head of all the times they'd played together, celebrated... more
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