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Rory Taransay
Old friends?
Thu Aug 16, 2018 16:09

Rory often liked having a pre-prandial stroll, finding a bit of exercise between classes and dinner to be good for both switching off from work mode and for working up a good appetite. After all, there was no point in the great Sonora food if he wasn’t hungry enough to fully do it justice.

His walk always led him through the Labyrinth Gardens, because what sort of walk at Sonora wouldn’t take advantage of the beautiful gardens? He also liked to stroll past the Quidditch pitch. He’d been a keen Quidditch player in his Hogwarts days, playing as Keeper on the Gryffindor team. He hadn’t kept up the sport after leaving, other than the odd throw-around with friends, as he hadn’t been good enough to go professional. Still, he’d enjoyed being part of a fairly successful house team, and the Quidditch pitch brought back fond memories.

Rory found that teaching at Sonora often made him reflect on his schooling. Back at the beginning he’d found it odd to be in the position of professor, but he’d grown used to it, and liked seeing his students pass through the school, finding it interesting to see them growing up. Sometimes, however, it did make him question his own life, especially with each group that graduated. They all left to pursue careers and dreams and to start their own lives, whilst he was stuck at a bit of a dead end. He didn’t regret deciding to teach, but he felt that he had fallen into a bit of a rut, with no life outside of the school other than his family.

It had been three years now since Amelle had quit her position of librarian and left the school, a move which had ended their relationship and Rory’s plans to propose. He’d mostly recovered from the heartbreak, although he still had feelings of loneliness. His sister-in-law was forever telling him she’d set him up with someone, but it was hard to thinking of starting a relationship again, especially when he spent so much time stuck in a boarding school. Still, at least he had his expeditions in the holidays, which provided a nice opportunity to leave the country and get some action (in a purely academic sense, that was).

Rory was trying to shake off such melancholy thoughts when he noticed another professor was sitting in the stands. He walked over, always happy to be sociable, especially when he realised it was one of the two new professors. He didn’t know either of them very well at all, despite one having started at the end of last year, and this was something he felt guilty about. He really should extend the hand of friendship to both of them. After all, there were few professors here, so they didn’t really have many people to interact with on a regular basis.

He climbed up onto the stands, and was just about to make her aware of his presence when she jumped.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you,” he apologised in his Scottish accent, smiling. “I was just out for a stroll, saw you sitting here, and wondered if you wanted company?”

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    • Old friends? — Rory Taransay, Thu Aug 16 16:09
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