Tabitha Hawthorne
I think so? I'm not actually sure.
Thu Aug 16, 2018 16:35

Tabitha blinked at the newcomer. She hadn't expected company, figuring that most of the teachers would be teaching or doing some kind of duty that didn't allow afternoon strolls. She was suddenly very aware that she quite possibly looked a bit of a mess as she hadn't made much of an effort in terms of appearance. She sniffed and was almost prepared to decline the offer, admit that she would've preferred to be alone but his Scottish accent was reminding her of her home in the UK - granted that she had lived nowhere near Scotland but her school had been there and she had considered it sort of a second home - and she found it comforting to hear. So, she managed a smile. A fellow Brit deserved at least that much.

"I'd like that," she told him, her refined Kensington accent providing a noticeable contrast to his own.

She took the opportunity once he was sitting down to look at him properly. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but there was something familiar about him. Her brow furrowed as she tried to work it out. Something about his face coupled with his accent was striking a chord within. The answer was right on the edge of her mind, ready to be seized but she couldn't quite get there. Was it possible that they had met before?

Realising that she was staring rather openly at him and that she hadn't actually said anything after accepting his invitation. Her eyes widened and she quickly looked away, her cheeks flushing pink from embarrassment. She knew the stress of her job and the disaster that was her and Mary's friendship was getting to her but she hadn't thought it was so bad that she'd abandoned her manners. Praying that he didn't think her a complete nutter, she decided to introduce herself before she screwed anything else up.

"I don't think we've met properly..." she cleared her throat, feeling awkward. She stuck out her hand for him to shake. "I'm Tabitha Hawthorne, the Defence professor."

  • Old friends?Rory Taransay, Thu Aug 16 16:09
    Rory often liked having a pre-prandial stroll, finding a bit of exercise between classes and dinner to be good for both switching off from work mode and for working up a good appetite. After all,... more
    • I think so? I'm not actually sure. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 16 16:35
      • You might be onto something here...Rory, Thu Aug 16 17:15
        It was good to hear another British voice after being in America so long, even if said voice had a rather different accent to his own. Rory didnít have anything against the American accent, but it... more
        • I think I've got it...Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 16 17:33
          Rory Taransay... Something chimed inside Tabitha's head then, a clear bell that was waking up her memories that had long since been shoved into a dark corner while new experiences and adventures took ... more
          • I think you definitely have!Rory, Mon Aug 20 16:32
            Rory waited whilst Tabitha thought about if they knew each other, hoping he hadnít got it wrong and that he wouldnít come across as a complete weirdo. Then she named his old Quidditch position from... more
            • Re: I think you definitely have!Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 20 16:55
              Tabitha beamed, her smile wide and her previous negative feelings temporarily forgotten as Rory remembered her. Memories swam around in her head of all the times they'd played together, celebrated... more
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