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You might be onto something here...
Thu Aug 16, 2018 17:15

It was good to hear another British voice after being in America so long, even if said voice had a rather different accent to his own. Rory didn’t have anything against the American accent, but it was nice to hear an accent that reminded him of his childhood.

After being assured that his company was welcomed, Rory sat down in the stands next to Tabitha. He noticed that she seemed to be staring at him a bit, and wasn’t sure why, hoping that he didn’t have ink on his shirt or something. Then she introduced herself, and it was his turn to oddly pause.

For some reason, both Tabitha’s name and accent gave him a vague feeling of familiarity. He couldn’t think why – yes, he had sort of met her before, as she taught at the same school as him, but their relationship was unestablished enough for them to introduce themselves. There should be no sense of familiarity linked to that, so why did he feel as if he’d met her before?

He gathered his thoughts and replied to her introduction before his hesitation could get too weird. He didn’t want to get a reputation as not being quite all there!

“I’m Rory Taransay,” he replied, shaking her hand. “Care of Magical Creatures professor. It’s nice to have another Brit here!”

No, something was definitely trying to come to his attention, and as he pointed out that they were both British, a thought came to mind. She couldn’t be much younger than he was, so surely she must have been at Hogwarts at the same time as him? Was that where he knew her from? It would explain the sense of familiarity. He just hoped his theory was right, or else this could end up being a rather awkward conversation.

“I hope you don’t think I’m going mad, but did you go to Hogwarts?” he asked, aware of the fact that she could have gone to school in another country. There were enough international students at Sonora to prove that it was a common enough thing to do. “Only I can’t help but feel that I know you from somewhere, but I can’t place where.”

  • I think so? I'm not actually sure.Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 16 16:35
    Tabitha blinked at the newcomer. She hadn't expected company, figuring that most of the teachers would be teaching or doing some kind of duty that didn't allow afternoon strolls. She was suddenly... more
    • You might be onto something here... — Rory, Thu Aug 16 17:15
      • I think I've got it...Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 16 17:33
        Rory Taransay... Something chimed inside Tabitha's head then, a clear bell that was waking up her memories that had long since been shoved into a dark corner while new experiences and adventures took ... more
        • I think you definitely have!Rory, Mon Aug 20 16:32
          Rory waited whilst Tabitha thought about if they knew each other, hoping he hadn’t got it wrong and that he wouldn’t come across as a complete weirdo. Then she named his old Quidditch position from... more
          • Re: I think you definitely have!Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 20 16:55
            Tabitha beamed, her smile wide and her previous negative feelings temporarily forgotten as Rory remembered her. Memories swam around in her head of all the times they'd played together, celebrated... more
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