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I think you definitely have!
Mon Aug 20, 2018 16:32

Rory waited whilst Tabitha thought about if they knew each other, hoping he hadn’t got it wrong and that he wouldn’t come across as a complete weirdo. Then she named his old Quidditch position from Hogwarts, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Although…if she remembered his Quidditch position, presumably she had also been on the team, or had just been a really keen fan. Either way, he ought to remember her. He wracked his brain, and a memory of a brown-haired Chaser came into mind just as Tabitha confirmed this.

“Tabs! Yes, I remember you!” he exclaimed. They hadn’t been on the team together for many years, being a few academic years apart, but he remembered her as being good at Quidditch and good fun.

“What a coincidence that we’ve both ended up here!” he laughed, never having expected to find one of his old schoolmates teaching at Sonora alongside him. “What brings you here, then? Got bored of good old Britain?”

It was definitely a nice surprise, finding out that he already knew Tabitha. He didn’t have to worry about befriending one of the new teachers now, as he and Tabitha had got on well enough whilst playing Quidditch, and he had no reason to think that they wouldn’t get on now. It was actually sort of comforting, reconnecting with an old friend and having the opportunity to catch up on and be part of each other’s lives once again.

OOC: Given Tabitha's warm reaction to the realisation, the fact that we never discussed the contrary, and that they both seem like decent sorts, I've just assumed that they got on well enough at Hogwarts. Is that ok?

  • I think I've got it...Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 16 17:33
    Rory Taransay... Something chimed inside Tabitha's head then, a clear bell that was waking up her memories that had long since been shoved into a dark corner while new experiences and adventures took ... more
    • I think you definitely have! — Rory, Mon Aug 20 16:32
      • Re: I think you definitely have!Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 20 16:55
        Tabitha beamed, her smile wide and her previous negative feelings temporarily forgotten as Rory remembered her. Memories swam around in her head of all the times they'd played together, celebrated... more
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