Tabitha Hawthorne
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Mon Aug 20, 2018 16:55

Tabitha beamed, her smile wide and her previous negative feelings temporarily forgotten as Rory remembered her. Memories swam around in her head of all the times they'd played together, celebrated wins together and mourned their losses together with him and the rest of the Gryffindor team. She missed that feeling of being a part of something bigger and the bonds that were forged between team mates were always strong, she thought.

They were both laughing. The coincidence was incredible. Of all the people she would've thought she might bump into, Rory hadn't been one of them. She was very glad she had though. She didn't have any friends in America - apart from maybe Mary but that was rocky and full of angst and Tabitha didn't even know if the Potions mistress would ever talk to her again - so it was nice to find someone with whom she had already a friendship.

"Well, you know Britain," she chuckled. A warmth in her chest was blossoming, the only kind you felt with a friend. "Rain, rain and uh, more rain. And Kensington was just so dull and boring and I couldn't deal with it. So, I didn't. I've spent the last few years exploring much more interesting corners of the world and getting in, perhaps, one too many scrapes with some dangerous beasts. Unfortunately, a change in circumstances forced me to be stuck here in America and find a job, hence I'm now 'Professor Tabitha Hawthorne'."

She pulled a face at the title. Tabitha wasn't much one for formalities. If it had been up to her, she would've allowed the students to call her 'Tabitha' but there was some rule about not letting the students get to close and personal. She tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled at him.

"What about you?" she asked him, interested. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of him since he'd left Hogwarts and she was curious was her old friend had been getting up to.

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    Rory waited whilst Tabitha thought about if they knew each other, hoping he hadn’t got it wrong and that he wouldn’t come across as a complete weirdo. Then she named his old Quidditch position from... more
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