Coach Reilly
Flying lessons for first years
Tue Aug 21, 2018 19:58

"Good morning," Coach Reilly greeted the assembled first years. They were a few weeks into term and the new coach was starting to feel settled. She would not yet have said 'at home,' but she had a routine, she knew the names of her students and her colleagues... It was going decently enough.

It was a brisk day. The sun was still out but, as the climate of Sonora mimicked Ireland rather than its desert environs, that was no gurantee of warmth. It was not yet cold but it was verging on the inbetween with a stiff breeze that would only feel more intense once they got into the air. Or would have done if they were going high up. There was a range of equipment hovering a very small way above the pitch that hinted at what they would be doing today. She had kept things deliberately low so that fear of heights would not factor into people's perfromance on today's task.

"Today, we will be running agility drills," by now, even the most novice of the flyers should have been capable of getting airborne, staying airborne, going around the pitch and landing. "The poles are to allow you to work on horiztontal movement." she gestured to a set of large poles that were suspended a couple of feet off the ground, "You will weave side to side to get through them," she explained, demonstrating the movement with a wiggle of her hand. "The hoops are for vertical movement," she gestured to a set of hoops whose height alternated between two foot and five foot up. "You will fly through each hoop," she explained, again indicating the motion with her hand.

"You are all expected to complete each drill three times, to the best of your ability. After that, we will be having a little competition. After that point, if you touch any of the obstacles, an alarm will sound and you will be out," she would put this enchantment in place after everyone had been through the drills - she had no wish to embarrass or fluster them when they were trying to practise. "Once everyone has been through, the obstacles will move closer together, and the remaining flyers will go again. And so on, until we have a winner for each course.

Right, let's do a lap to warm up, and then you can wait on the ground until it's your turn to fly the course." She supervised as they warmed up before demonstrating both courses, then called the first person up to take their turn.

OOC - welcome to flying class. Your post can cover any element of the lesson. E.g. you can post about your character doing their drills or, if you feel that would be uneventful for them, skip ahead using something like 'Once the lap and the drills were done, it was time for the competition, which sounded like the best part...' You can even just post about them doing their lap and talking, or waiting nervously on the ground.

We don't often have competitions in class, so ranking will work like this... Most of you can either keep it vague ('near the top' or 'somewhere midpack'). For those at the extremes, i.e. who feel their character is likely to come top (or if anyone wants to claim dead last) then post on the OOC under the class announcement and we will then let chatzy decide who wins. In the meantime, you are free to tackle other parts of class in your post.

As noted, this is a few weeks into term so your character should have basic control, and it is not their first time on a broom. They are also not going high enough during the obstacles to get much more than bruised by falling. If anything is going wrong for your character, tag Coach Reilly and give us time to respond. Your character is being supervised by a professional who would not allow a situation to get out of hand.

    • My worst non-Topaz related nightmare.Allegra Brockert, Crotalus, Fri Sep 28 17:29
      Flying lessons was easily the class Allegra liked the least. Like most of her family, aside from Uncle Eustace, she was not athletic. Okay, she did have relative besides him that were passably decent ... more
    • Flying? Easy-peasy.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Thu Aug 23 13:12
      If there was one lesson that Malikhi had been looking forward to all week, it was this one. He'd been flying on a broomstick for as long as he had been able to stay upright, much to his mother's... more
    • Let's do this thing.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Tue Aug 21 22:46
      Evelyn was irritated. Tuesdays and Thursdays were good days: after getting Charms and Transfiguration out of the way, first years went to Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Flying Lessons.... more
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