Malikhi Hill, Pecari
Flying? Easy-peasy.
Thu Aug 23, 2018 13:12

If there was one lesson that Malikhi had been looking forward to all week, it was this one. He'd been flying on a broomstick for as long as he had been able to stay upright, much to his mother's worry - she had a terrible fear of heights and had a tendency to fret about things like her son falling from his broom and landing hard on the ground and breaking several bones. Malikhi always insisted that such a thing would never happen and it hadn't. Sure, he'd fallen off but had never really sustained more than a few bruises.

So, when he walked out to the Quidditch pitch - as far away from Ness as was possible and also without Evelyn who had told him to go on ahead - he was relaxed, confident and had a wide grin on his face.

He took up a spot in a line with the rest of the first years but left a gap beside him for Evelyn as and when she would arrive. She'd said that she'd meet him out there so it seemed reasonable for Malikhi to assume that she would also like a spot saving for her. That's why he was very confused when she was one of the last ones out onto the pitch and didn't not hurry over to join him but instead stood next to a first year that Malikhi hadn't really talked to. He shot a curious look in her direction but she was not looking at him. He frowned deeply which was an expression that felt foreign on his face as he much preferred smiling. Had he done something wrong? If so, what had he done?

He tried to push the thoughts out of his mind as Coach Reilly began to explain what would be happening during the day's lesson. Everything seemed simple enough and Malikhi couldn't help but think that it was actually rather trivial. He'd signed up to be a Chaser on the Quidditch team. The maneuvers that she was asking they do were ones that he was already familiar with. He was much more interested at the competition at the end. He had told Evelyn that he was a good flyer and the competition seemed as good a way as any to prove it. With that determined thought in mind, he mounted his broom and set off to complete the drills assigned.

His confidence, coupled with his comfort on a broom as well as his determination to show not only Coach Reilly that he was a good flyer but also to prove that to Evelyn, allowed him to speed through the drills with ease. On a broom was where he belonged, the wind pulling at his already messy blond hair and whipping up his robes, the feeling of being almost like a bird soaring through the sky which caused a thrill of exhilaration in his stomach. It had become second nature to Malikhi to trust that his broom would take him where he needed to go and in return, he gave it all the care that was required - clipping the twigs of the tail, waxing and polishing the wood and storing it carefully when not in use. His mother had bought him his broomstick and Malikhi thought it right that he should show it the same amount of care and love that she showed to him.

When he had completed the drills, slightly breathless, he made his way to the start of the weaving poles though still made sure to keep out of the way of anybody else still going through the obstacles. He took a moment before the competition was to begin to close his eyes and breathe in deep through his nose and out through his mouth. He was doing this to prove himself. He was doing this to prove to everybody but especially to Ness and Evelyn that he wasn't just a stupid boy with no talent and a big mouth. When he opened his eyes, the grip on his broom tightened with a grit and determination that Malikhi had never felt before. He was ready.

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