Malikhi Hill, Pecari
I'm just a mess
Thu Aug 30, 2018 22:23

Malikhi was not having a good day. He actually hadn't had many since meeting bloody Ness McLeod. The girl had made him so angry and then upset and now, he just felt wrong. He wasn't sure whether she was truly annoying with her know-it-all facts or whether it was him who was annoying, with his stupid jokes and his raucous laughter and he probably wasn't serious enough when he needed to be.

It was these thoughts swirling around in his head that he wandered out of the academy building after dinner, wanting to get some fresh air and clear his head. He found that, when feeling like this, he really missed his Mum. She always knew what to say and what to do, whether that was giving him one of her wonderfully warm hugs while rubbing his back or ritually coming into his room every night to check on him before he went to sleep. She didn't think he was stupid or that he laughed too much. She'd always said that she liked his jokes and his cheeky personality and Malikhi had always liked making his mother laugh. He sniffed, trying to hold back tears. He really wished he was back at home.

He found himself walking out onto the Quidditch Pitch and was about to head up into the stands to take a seat when a head of unmistakeable white hair caught his eye. Evelyn. Linney.

He nearly would've walked away as it usually seemed that he never found her on her own anymore, Ness often in her company. However, today, he saw no sign of the Aladren and, after a moment's hesitation, he started to amble on over. He took a deep breath, trying to reign his feelings back into control. He didn't want to worry Evelyn at all. After all, he was probably just being stupid. Simple, stupid Malikhi.

He plastered a smile onto his face as he approached and his first thought was that she actually looked a little odd. He wasn't sure for a moment what it was. Then, she smiled at him and his eyes flickered down to her lips and it was then that it clicked. There was a total absence of some bright colour and, after always seeing her with all her brightness, she looked rather weird. It wasn't in a bad way, though. He still thought she looked pretty. Very pretty.

Stop it, Malikhi.

Then, she was pointing to the free space next to her and he obediently lay down, his head turned to the side to look at her.

"What's up?"

Malikhi could've hit himself. That was so lame.

  • It's the big things. (Malikhi)Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Thu Aug 30 21:44
    Established in Self-Realization, one is not moved even by the greatest calamity. It had been a long summer, awaiting the start of what had, at the time, felt like certain doom. Reading an English... more
    • I'm just a mess — Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Thu Aug 30 22:23
      • You're my mess.Evelyn Stones, Thu Aug 30 22:53
        Evelyn had searched his face for any betrayal of emotion at seeing her 'raw' face as she called it. She felt naked without lipstick and hoped he wouldn't be disgusted by seeing her so vulnerable.... more
        • I shouldn't be a mess though.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Thu Aug 30 23:08
          Malikhi let out a small laugh, though he was conscious not to make it too loud or powerful. Linney, his Linney, was so lovely and kind and gentle that there was no way that he wasn't able to smile... more
          • Everything in the world is a mess. I promise.Evelyn Stones, Thu Aug 30 23:39
            Evelyn didn't turn her eyes to the sky when Malikhi did, instead nestling her cheek into the grass and examining him more openly. "Careful," she teased. "That almost sounded like you meant it. You... more
            • I think I'm on the verge of a breakdownMalikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 31 00:08
              Malikhi kept his eyes fixed on the open sky, wishing very much that he could be a bird and just be able to fly away. He thought that it was perhaps rather cowardly to think such a way, to want to run ... more
              • I think I might throw up at the same time.Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 31 00:38
                Whatever Evelyn had eaten that day, she was pretty sure it wouldn't taste good coming up. She felt rotten to her core that Malikhi's low had been their first class together, but at the same time, she ... more
                • Please don't. That's gross. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 31 01:12
                  Malikhi was feeling better and better the longer he was spending with Evelyn. He'd missed it being just the two of them and she had this ability to make him feel better, regardless of what was... more
                  • Well... you're not wrong.Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 31 15:07
                    At some point in some book, Evelyn had read that drunk people often survive incidents that sober people couldn't simply because their response time is limited and they don't stiffen up in dangerous... more
                    • I'm never wrong!Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 31 16:32
                      Malikhi found that he could lie cuddling Evelyn for hours. All the tension he'd been feeling in his entire body seemed to be slowly melting away. She smelled like flowers and it was sweet and... more
                      • EhhhhhEvelyn Stones, Sat Sep 1 03:49
                        Evelyn was glad she wasn't looking directly at Malikhi. Her mom had told her a similar story growing up, except in those versions, the princess always learned to sPerhaps it was harsh to compare her... more
                        • What d'ya mean 'ehhhhh'?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 13:41
                          Malikhi's chest swelled with warmth when Evelyn told him that he wasn't stupid. She'd said with such force that he had to believe that it was true - though he did know that there was no way he'd be... more
                          • Just exactly that.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 2 15:21
                            Evelyn was surprised by the rush of emotions that went through her in rapid succession. She was pretty sure she hated being twelve then. At first, she was mad. Why was Malikhi making this about him?... more
                            • You don't make any sense. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 15:51
                              Malikhi was surprised when he felt Evelyn's hand on his shoulder and uncurled himself and looked at her, searching her face. His feelings of being left out melted away when he saw her crying,... more
                              • Rude!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 2 19:03
                                Evelyn managed a smile and a chuckle, grateful that Malikhi's sleeve had saved her the trouble of wiping her tear-covered face on her wrist. "Thank you," she whispered. "I'm glad I know I can talk to ... more
                                • But true...Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 19:31
                                  Malikhi shifted so that he was sitting next to Evelyn again and pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them, his arms wrapped around himself. He thought for a short while about what... more
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