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Evelyn Stones
I think I might throw up at the same time.
Fri Aug 31, 2018 00:38

Whatever Evelyn had eaten that day, she was pretty sure it wouldn't taste good coming up. She felt rotten to her core that Malikhi's low had been their first class together, but at the same time, she couldn't blame him. It had been a low for her, too. And then he was holding her hand and she was pretty sure she was the worst friend ever.

She tried not to look at their joined hands, although she had the urge to rest her forehead against Malikhi's fingers.

Everything that had ever made Evelyn question her worth sprung to the forefront of her mind, as if her brain was determined to sabotage any attempts at happiness. She swallowed her bile and tried not to move, wishing she could be this warm forever. Malikhi's hand felt like she had plucked a star from the heavens and was holding it. She supposed she was in a way.

Not expecting his second comment, Evelyn burst out laughing for a moment. It would be just like Malikhi to be so upset about chocolate covered strawberries at a magical table meant to fulfill their greatest dietary desires.

"You're always so funny," she said. "I wish I was as funny as you. You always find something worth laughing about and I really love that about you." She smiled at him and examined his expression for a moment.

Guilt pressed on her chest and she looked away. Her eyes were stinging as she rolled onto her back and moved their held hands to the space between them. It felt like a lot of space somehow, and the grass tickled her fingers.

She had the sudden urge to beg him to be her friend, terrified as she was that he would abandon her at some point. Or worse. What if she made him mad, too? She dismissed the idea just as quickly as it came to mind, but she knew it wouldn't stay gone. It seemed like it would be wonderful to just disappear.

Turning her head to look at Malikhi, she found that he was already looking at her, his expression unreadable. Maybe it wasn't an unreadable expression exactly, just that she was in no mind to read it.

If you knew everything about me, would you still want to be my friend?

She pushed the thought away and smiled, trying to find the happy place she'd been in before guilt attacked.

"You smell like oranges and warm blankets," Evelyn whispered with a smile. Color rose in her cheeks again but she held her ground, decidedly not allowing awkwardness to get in the way of affection. She didn't have much affection anywhere else and she wasn't going to give up the opportunity to have it with Malikhi. "It's nice."

  • I think I'm on the verge of a breakdownMalikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 31 00:08
    Malikhi kept his eyes fixed on the open sky, wishing very much that he could be a bird and just be able to fly away. He thought that it was perhaps rather cowardly to think such a way, to want to run ... more
    • I think I might throw up at the same time. — Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 31 00:38
      • Please don't. That's gross. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 31 01:12
        Malikhi was feeling better and better the longer he was spending with Evelyn. He'd missed it being just the two of them and she had this ability to make him feel better, regardless of what was... more
        • Well... you're not wrong.Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 31 15:07
          At some point in some book, Evelyn had read that drunk people often survive incidents that sober people couldn't simply because their response time is limited and they don't stiffen up in dangerous... more
          • I'm never wrong!Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 31 16:32
            Malikhi found that he could lie cuddling Evelyn for hours. All the tension he'd been feeling in his entire body seemed to be slowly melting away. She smelled like flowers and it was sweet and... more
            • EhhhhhEvelyn Stones, Sat Sep 1 03:49
              Evelyn was glad she wasn't looking directly at Malikhi. Her mom had told her a similar story growing up, except in those versions, the princess always learned to sPerhaps it was harsh to compare her... more
              • What d'ya mean 'ehhhhh'?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 13:41
                Malikhi's chest swelled with warmth when Evelyn told him that he wasn't stupid. She'd said with such force that he had to believe that it was true - though he did know that there was no way he'd be... more
                • Just exactly that.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 2 15:21
                  Evelyn was surprised by the rush of emotions that went through her in rapid succession. She was pretty sure she hated being twelve then. At first, she was mad. Why was Malikhi making this about him?... more
                  • You don't make any sense. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 15:51
                    Malikhi was surprised when he felt Evelyn's hand on his shoulder and uncurled himself and looked at her, searching her face. His feelings of being left out melted away when he saw her crying,... more
                    • Rude!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 2 19:03
                      Evelyn managed a smile and a chuckle, grateful that Malikhi's sleeve had saved her the trouble of wiping her tear-covered face on her wrist. "Thank you," she whispered. "I'm glad I know I can talk to ... more
                      • But true...Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 19:31
                        Malikhi shifted so that he was sitting next to Evelyn again and pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them, his arms wrapped around himself. He thought for a short while about what... more
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