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Evelyn Stones
Just exactly that.
Sun Sep 2, 2018 15:21

Evelyn was surprised by the rush of emotions that went through her in rapid succession. She was pretty sure she hated being twelve then.

At first, she was mad. Why was Malikhi making this about him? What right did he have to be upset when it was her life that was falling apart?

Then she felt guilty as she realized that she didn't actually know what Malikhi was feeling. What sort of friend had she been if she didn't even know why Malikhi was responding this way?

Sadness and pain were next as the weight of the situation crashed over her, and then, finally, desperation. She needed Malikhi to understand.

Evelyn felt worn as she pushed herself to a sitting position on her knees and put a hand on Malikhi's shoulder, encouraging him to face her. She hated to see him looking so sad and hated the angry streak in her stomach. It was no longer directed at him, though, but at the whole situation, and especially at her father for causing it all.

She could feel words in her throat, begging to come out, but she wasn't sure what shape to give them.

"Kai," she started, speaking quietly. "Did you know you're the first...." Evelyn swallowed hard, surprised as tears came to her eyes, too. They burned, sour and hot on her face. "You're the first...guy person that I've ever cared about that hasn't hurt me yet? But that's the thing isn't it? I'm just so caught on that 'yet'... I don't know what's going to happen and I was scared."

She looked up again as Malikhi looked at her, concern etched on his face. His eyes were so dark and there was something else there... surprise? pain? She wasn't sure.

"You're the most perfect thing in my life. Ness has seen so much... stuff... with the McLeod Foundation. Ness gets it. But you're all... kind and so sweet and I just... I couldn't... I can't be like that. I feel like I'm just going to ruin everything." Her words were slurred as her mouth became sticky with tears and she buried her face in her hands to hide a blush.

"I'm so sorry, this is so stupid."

  • What d'ya mean 'ehhhhh'?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 13:41
    Malikhi's chest swelled with warmth when Evelyn told him that he wasn't stupid. She'd said with such force that he had to believe that it was true - though he did know that there was no way he'd be... more
    • Just exactly that. — Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 2 15:21
      • You don't make any sense. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 15:51
        Malikhi was surprised when he felt Evelyn's hand on his shoulder and uncurled himself and looked at her, searching her face. His feelings of being left out melted away when he saw her crying,... more
        • Rude!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 2 19:03
          Evelyn managed a smile and a chuckle, grateful that Malikhi's sleeve had saved her the trouble of wiping her tear-covered face on her wrist. "Thank you," she whispered. "I'm glad I know I can talk to ... more
          • But true...Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Sep 2 19:31
            Malikhi shifted so that he was sitting next to Evelyn again and pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them, his arms wrapped around himself. He thought for a short while about what... more
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