Coach Reilly
Quidditch Try Outs
Sat Sep 22, 2018 08:48

Coach Reilly had been a little anxious about the state of Sonora Quidditch when she had taken on the role. The word ‘revitalise’ had been used, and so she knew there had been waning interest in the sport, with the houses unable to field full teams. She had put the sign up sheet for the whole school team up with a few mental shout outs to anyone Up There who might be listening to get her at least seven players. It turned out though, that basic maths was on her side - four half teams made for far more than one whole, and when you condensed the students wanting to play down into a single list, it looked positively brimming with enthusiasm. They were, frustratingly, one short of two full sides, though she supposed she could step in - they could mix and match the teams during practise and have full scale matches, which would be fantastic training. There was even a decent spread of people wanting, or at least willing, to fill the different positions. And they had more than enough to put together a strong school side, with plenty of reserves. Things were looking good.

The first thing was, of course, to pick a starting line up, and that involved tryouts. Once the sign up sheet had been up for a couple of weeks, it was replaced with a notice detailing the time and date that all interested parties should assemble on the pitch.

The day itself was crisp and clear, fairly pleasant and neutral conditions, although the coach still offered to cast a warming charm for anyone who needed it - between the climate differences of Sonora’s mock Irish weather and their home regions, and the fact it would get chillier once they were up in the air, there might be one or two who didn’t find it a comfortable temperature, even though it felt fine to her.

“Right,” she announced, once she’d done a role call, and matched all the faces to names, “A lot of people here want to try out for multiple positions, so we’re going to run the tryouts section by section. Once all the positions you’re interested in have tried out, you can either stay and watch or go back inside. We’ll have a few activities for overall agility and flying ability. After that, we’ll do the Beaters, as there’s fewer people in that group wanting to try for multiple positions, followed by Seekers and then we’ll do Chasers and Keepers together, but we’ll rotate around so people interested in both get a chance to do both.

“First off, two warm up laps. We’ll then have a two lap race. Position matters, but you will be penalised if I see anything I regard as dangerous flying. After that, we’ll be running some agility drills,” she gestured to the equipment in the centre of the pitch, which was identical to that which she had used in the first years’ flying class. Deciding that was enough information for now, she led them through the warm up, before starting the race, and modelling the two courses they would have to complete.

Following that, she called the Beater group forward, giving them charmed targets to practise hitting at whilst in the air. The targets would get further away or move once they all had the basics down. If this wasn’t enough to separate out the top two Beaters, she might run a real game scenario and get a couple of the Seeker wannabes to fly, with a Beater to attack and defend, but she wasn’t going to have the students start by aiming at each other, not until she had a good idea that at least some of the Beater candidates had enough skills to defend their classmates. The potential Seekers were given further, tighter agility trials, plus a Snitch hunt. The trial snitch had a simpler flight pattern than its game equivalent, and could be set to come out if a certain number of minutes passed without its capture. She would give each of them fifteen. After that, the Chasers and Keepers would be put into groups to take turns making passes and shots.

OOC - welcome to Quidditch tryouts! This post has a lot going on in it. I would advise picking the position that your character cares most about and focussing on that section of the try outs. If you are not familiar with Quidditch writing, read some of the previous try outs and matches. It’s going to be about quality of first post, so give us long and detailed. It’s probably better to focus in detail on one element, e.g. one particular pass or hit, than to write a long post that covers the entire tryouts, as the former is much closer to the actual set up of matches. Any questions, ask on the OOC or in chatzy.

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