Allegra Brockert, Crotalus
My worst non-Topaz related nightmare.
Fri Sep 28, 2018 17:29

Flying lessons was easily the class Allegra liked the least. Like most of her family, aside from Uncle Eustace, she was not athletic. Okay, she did have relative besides him that were passably decent at things like flying but she was not that good.

And the thing was, there were those in the first year class who seemed to be totally into it.Maybe not to the level of Angelique's class but it still made the young first year a tad anxious. Okay, a lot anxious. Even though Allegra was not nearly as social as her cousin, she still didn't want to be the odd one out, with no friends. Not accepted by others. Or worse, openly mocked and laughed at.

She should have at least been comforted by the fact that Topaz thought sports were a waste of time and that they weren't worth being good at. Except that her cousin delighted in being better than her no matter what the subject.

Coach O'Reilly announced the lesson and Allegra's stomach dropped. An athletic competition was definitely not her idea of a good time. What if she-and there was a pretty good chance of this-came in last? People who were the worst at sports were often bullied,usually by people like Uncle Eustace, though as she was a girl, she wasn't worried that he'd bully her because he thought girls had no place in sports though of course he thought that made them inferior anyway.

Maybe she'd get lucky in that way and they'd be like her uncle in so far as not bullying her for being bad at sports because she was a proper pureblood girl who wasn't supposed to be good at sports. Which Allegra knew was sexist, but would work in her favor if that was the case. Unfortunately, she doubted it would be because there were only a couple of purebloods from the same kind of family as hers and one of them was Russian which was another whole culture just like the Muggle one some of her other classmates had been exposed to was, and while Allegra didn't know about Russian wizards, she knew full well from Angelique that Muggles-even the girls-were extremely into sports. Plus, the Crotalus had already been in class with them and knew that some of them were exactly that as well as being significantly better than her at flying.

Even Topaz who thought sports were for those with inferior minds was competitive enough to, while not wanting to win and look like she was one of those or even look improper, did not like to lose . Besides, Allegra wouldn't put anything past her cousin including knocking someone off just so she wouldn't come in last.

Maybe the Crotalus would get lucky and Topaz would do just that before she went out, but more likely, she'd just try it on Allegra, despite the fact that doing so was completely unnecessary.

She went through the drills-slower than most-and stood back, her stomach doing flip-flops. The first year wanted to cry, though of course she didn't as that would elicit torment from Topaz if nobody else. As it was Allegra felt she might vomit.

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    • My worst non-Topaz related nightmare. — Allegra Brockert, Crotalus, Fri Sep 28 17:29
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