Eden Manger, Teppenpaw 4th year, Seeker
Better late than never?
Sat Oct 13, 2018 14:06

The status on Quidditch was very strange this year, with the school offering the promise of just one combined team. That meant there was only going to be one Seeker, and Eden knew that she absolutely had to have her spot. Her apparent athletic prowess had come as total surprise to her when she’d first begun, but she’d grown to really, really enjoy the game. And somehow, even from beyond the grave, her father expressed his pride at her victories. A new broom each year, just like he had sent Jake. Her brother had never won a game of course - a stark contrast, as she had never lost - but he’d sent them anyway. Eden’s just came with letters of congratulations.

With the raised stakes, she was far more nervous than previous years when she arrived, fingers pressing into the wood of the new broom she carried, like a war of attrition between their two different varnishes. Eden was decidedly less confident - or perhaps careless - than she felt signing up. Why exactly had she been so reckless as to put herself up for Captain? She knew she was too young, and there were players like Ben and Lily around who were more experienced and more obvious choices. Actually, looking around now, she thought that she would be lucky to retain Seeker, let alone acquire that coveted title.

She swallowed hard and took flight for the warm up laps; she took them easy and stayed near the back, but she rocketed forward for the race, pleased to find her new broom was equipped for speed. And finesse as well, as she felt how responsive it was. Perfect for a Seeker. Dad had really outdone himself this time.

Eden did her best not to fidget too hard while the Beaters went. Instead, she mentally strategized. What course she would take for the Seeker exercises, what direction to set off initially. It seemed simple, but it was a lot of sky to scan for that Snitch, and being in the air meant a literal 360 of options. But a lot of it was chance, or perhaps instinct, so when it was time to fly, her stomach made a choice, and she listened.

Her blue eyes were attuned to Snitches by now, it seemed, and she darted quickly at the flickering speck of gold once she’d caught sight of it. Her dominant arm, increasingly long on her body, stretched out, her hand encapsulating it. Eden beamed. The coach gave her fifteen minutes. She took ten minutes and forty-three seconds. All at once, she was grateful for the agility drills beforehand. They were spectacularly helpful. “Caught!” she shrieked.

She knew she could technically leave after this, but during the Keeper and Chaser drills, she took a seat and remained vigilant. Her breath was only just now returning to a normal speed, and Eden thought that maybe sticking around would show how dedicated she was and make her appear more Captain-ly. It was a long shot - this whole thing was - but she wanted this thing.

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