Winston Pierce, Chaser
Re-Gifting this Bludger
Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:16

Winston was none too happy about the new school wide Quidditch team. First of all, Winston was stuck as a Chaser again, losing out to a girl who was younger than him, so there wasnít even hope that he might get it after she graduated. Secondly, the stupid coach made That Pecari the captain!

If Crotalus still had its own team, he would have both Captain (or at least co-captain) and Seeker this year. The only two good things he could see were that Lily Spencer didnít get Captain or Seeker either, and he got to play first string Chaser with Simon. That Lily was their third (which was an unfortunate side-effect of her not getting Seeker either) was distressing on a social level, but he did have to admit she played good Quidditch, which meant they did have a very strong team of Chasers out on the field, and that was kind of awesome. He couldnít remember ever playing Quidditch where at least one of the Chasers wasnít a beginner. As much as he hated to admit it, Lily, Simon, and him did play very well together against the other schools.

He was almost, almost starting to not hate being stuck playing Chaser with her.

Of course, today, she was on the red team and Winston and Simon were stuck with the weird little first year with the funny colored lips and the weak throwing arm. It made him almost miss Lily.

Well, at least the coach hadnít stuck them with The Aladren. He was at least allowed to speak Evelynís name, and that was helpful if he had to shout to get her attention on the field.

He was also glad he got Joe as his Captain of the Day. It made listening to the pre-game strategy talk easier with fewer occasions to grind his teeth in fury that he had to listen to that clown now speaking to the red team.

Soon enough the whistle blew and Winston growled under his breath as Lily got to the Quaffle first. It was a good sign for their game on Saturday but not so much for his team right now.

He positioned himself a little behind and above Lily, hoping for a chance to intercept when she passed but just as he saw her looking around for a teammate, he heard the unmistakable sound of a bat hitting a bludger.

Winston turned and saw Ben aiming right for him. He broke away from Lily, flying defensively and trying to lose the oncoming bludger.

Maybe, if he was really lucky, shake it off onto the tail of one of the less experienced red players. He flew really close to one of them, hoping to entice the bludger latch onto them instead of continuing to follow him.

  • Sounds good to me!Captain Ben Pierce, Beater, Wed Oct 31 09:26
    Ben was loving the new Quidditch set-up. They got to play more games against more people. Their team was stronger with the best from each house working together now and giving the younger years more... more
    • Re-Gifting this Bludger — Winston Pierce, Chaser, Wed Oct 31 11:16
      • I have no idea what's happening.(Evelyn Stones, Chaser), Sat Nov 3 00:22
        Evelyn hadn't expected to get on the team at all, let alone on the team as a chaser. Of course, she wasn't technically on the team. But she wasn't on the sidelines either. She did feel a bit guilty... more
        • Amendment - OOCCoach Reilly, Tue Nov 6 06:32
          OOC - As there is a lot happening in Quidditch matches, we know it can be hard to keep track of, and there seemed to be a bit of confusion as to where the Quaffle was. I have clarified with Evelyn's... more
          • Amended PostEvelyn Stones, Tue Nov 6 19:19
            Evelyn hadn't expected to get on the team at all, let alone on the team as a chaser. Of course, she wasn't technically on the team. But she wasn't on the sidelines either. She did feel a bit guilty... more
            • Redirecting things.Joe Umland, Cap-Beater, Wed Nov 7 19:39
              Joe suspected it would be highly impolitic to mention it, but he could not honestly say he was entirely unhappy with how things had worked out with the combined team. The way he saw it, Ben acquiring ... more
              • Likewise.Simon Mordue, Chaser, Wed Nov 7 20:32
                Simon found several aspects of his present situation objectionable, some to greater degrees than others. For one thing, he and Winston were not supposed to be subordinate to Ben Pierce and Joe... more
                • Yes. You should all start being somewhere else now.Tatiana Vorontsova,Keeper, Wed Nov 7 21:04
                  On a personal level, Tatiana liked the color yellow better than the color red. For purposes of a mock Quidditch game, however, she was quite happy with her designation. Red was the color of luxury -... more
                  • Yellow score! 10-0 (nm)Coach Reilly, Wed Nov 7 23:14
                    • Less of that, pleaseNess McLeod, Chaser , Thu Nov 8 08:13
                      Quidditch was everything that Ness had hoped it would be and more. This was kind of surprising, given the fact that there was not an Aladren team Ė something that the first year had been very much... more
                      • Simon, here, I donít want you to feel left outCaptain Ben, Beater, Thu Nov 8 09:26
                        The bad news was he didnít hit Winston. The good news was he didnít have a chance to intercept Lilyís pass. The bad news was that Evelyn did. He saw Joe moving in to assist Winston and moved in... more
                        • Lining up for another goal shotWinston, Chaser, Thu Nov 8 10:18
                          Winston already hated The Pecari. Today that piece of dirt was making himself into a really irritating and frustrating thorn in Winstonís backside. The Pecari seemed intent on making it impossible... more
                          • Trying to un-include myself.Simon Mordue, Chaser, Wed Nov 14 15:41
                            He had scored. He had scored . Admittedly the Keeper who he had gotten past was only Tatiana, who he doubted, somewhere between her House placement and the fact she still didnít speak proper English... more
                            • Trying to include someone wearing Red.Joe Umland, Cap-Beater, Wed Nov 14 16:10
                              Clapping was a difficult proposition when oneís hands were full with a bat, but Joe made an effort when Simon successfully tricked Tatiana into going the wrong way just long enough for the goal to be ... more
                              • I don't suck! Evelyn Stones, Chaser, Thu Nov 15 20:00
                                Evelyn watched her successful pass and the score her team ended up making with a sense of disassociation. She had played a part in that score, and suddenly she felt strong. Of course, there was no... more
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