Joe Umland, Cap-Beater
Redirecting things.
Wed Nov 7, 2018 19:39

Joe suspected it would be highly impolitic to mention it, but he could not honestly say he was entirely unhappy with how things had worked out with the combined team. The way he saw it, Ben acquiring the role of school captain took a large task off of Joe’s plate without actually taking anything away from his resume. He had been Teppenpaw captain last year and so could put down the title on his resume without lying. The fact the position no longer existed was not altogether relevant.

He had a plan, of sorts. He did not like the plan, but short a Revelation from the Heavens, he was not going to find a better one, and so had resigned himself to this one. He was going to continue working on all his classes, ignoring the sleep deprivation and occasional stabbing pains in his hands as best he could, until the end of the year. He would then go to university and let his RATS determine what he studied along with political science. With an education and his family connections, he could get a job at the Ministry back home - something like accidental magical reversal if he could juggle enough magic at uni, something like fetching and note-taking if not, but either way, in a place where he’d have an opportunity to work his way up higher over the course of a career. Selfishly, he had factored Julian’s revelation about William’s ambitions into his considerations; if his brother-in-law was Minister for Magic and one of his brothers almost certainly a respected researcher by then, Joe stood a good chance of moving a little more quickly than he might have otherwise. Provided, of course, John stuck to his laboratories and didn’t talk to people, but that seemed like a safe enough bet.

There was no way the next few years weren’t going to suck, of course, but he really didn’t see any other options. His problem was that he was a Good Student. He performed the magic they were taught; he didn’t innovate on it. He wrote essays showing he understood the theory they were taught; he did not push the envelope or explicate much beyond what was in his sources. And he did not do any of this with indifferent ease. It took him significant effort to look that good on paper. He suspected, in fact, that the staff might have said something about approving his frankly masochistic course load had he not been John Umland’s brother - that for once, others being half-stunned by his brother had worked to his advantage.

He was captain of a team of sorts today, though, which meant opening remarks were necessary. Too bad they hadn’t given him Jozua and Eden; he would have liked having more of his own people around. Plus, Winston Pierce and Simon Mordue were, perhaps, something unlikely to be overly impressed by a half-blood from western Canada - though who knew, perhaps being the brother of a genius and, even more importantly, having a sister who was of their social class might help him out here. Maybe if he laid on a little flattery….

“We clearly have the stronger chasing team, and I want us to prove it,” he said, speaking mostly to Simon and Winston here. “Try to keep Nathaniel really, really, bored, yeah? Control the Quaffle. Especially keep it away from Lily Spencer, she’s the only decent Chaser they’ve got, but the more we have it, the better off we are. Nathaniel, if anyone does get you involved, you know the drill - just keep your eyes on the ball and follow it.” Nathaniel wasn’t as quick as Tatiana Vorontsova, but he was detail-oriented and seemed steady-headed, which was an advantage. “Amelia, Parker, our strategies might change a little depending on who goes with Eden Manger - if Ben’s with Eden, I’m with you, Amelia, but if they put Jozua up there, then Parker can go with you and I’ll move back and forth however I need to. Sound good everyone?”

Joe was not entirely surprised, overall, to see it was in fact Jozua following Eden. Eden was the school’s reigning queen of Seeking and perfectly capable of looking out for herself, which meant Jozua was really in a position best suited for a Keeper - keeping him where he could do the least damage. This made Joe feel ever so slightly bad as he sought a Bludger, but he forgot about it when he found that Ben had found one first and had hit it toward Winston. Nasty business, this Pierce family, from everything he’d heard. Luckily, he was not involved in their business, just in this business, which compelled that he defend Winston and Evelyn, who had somehow intercepted the Red team’s pass in all the confusion. He swooped down on the Bludger, a move made to look slightly less intimidating than it might have due to the sunny happy color of his robes, and hit it toward a straggling Red, away from his players.

OOC - Chaser-Bludger redirected, heading towards red players.

  • Amended PostEvelyn Stones, Tue Nov 6 19:19
    Evelyn hadn't expected to get on the team at all, let alone on the team as a chaser. Of course, she wasn't technically on the team. But she wasn't on the sidelines either. She did feel a bit guilty... more
    • Redirecting things. — Joe Umland, Cap-Beater, Wed Nov 7 19:39
      • Likewise.Simon Mordue, Chaser, Wed Nov 7 20:32
        Simon found several aspects of his present situation objectionable, some to greater degrees than others. For one thing, he and Winston were not supposed to be subordinate to Ben Pierce and Joe... more
        • Yes. You should all start being somewhere else now.Tatiana Vorontsova,Keeper, Wed Nov 7 21:04
          On a personal level, Tatiana liked the color yellow better than the color red. For purposes of a mock Quidditch game, however, she was quite happy with her designation. Red was the color of luxury -... more
          • Yellow score! 10-0 (nm)Coach Reilly, Wed Nov 7 23:14
            • Less of that, pleaseNess McLeod, Chaser , Thu Nov 8 08:13
              Quidditch was everything that Ness had hoped it would be and more. This was kind of surprising, given the fact that there was not an Aladren team – something that the first year had been very much... more
              • Simon, here, I don’t want you to feel left outCaptain Ben, Beater, Thu Nov 8 09:26
                The bad news was he didn’t hit Winston. The good news was he didn’t have a chance to intercept Lily’s pass. The bad news was that Evelyn did. He saw Joe moving in to assist Winston and moved in... more
                • Lining up for another goal shotWinston, Chaser, Thu Nov 8 10:18
                  Winston already hated The Pecari. Today that piece of dirt was making himself into a really irritating and frustrating thorn in Winston’s backside. The Pecari seemed intent on making it impossible... more
                  • Trying to un-include myself.Simon Mordue, Chaser, Wed Nov 14 15:41
                    He had scored. He had scored . Admittedly the Keeper who he had gotten past was only Tatiana, who he doubted, somewhere between her House placement and the fact she still didn’t speak proper English... more
                    • Trying to include someone wearing Red.Joe Umland, Cap-Beater, Wed Nov 14 16:10
                      Clapping was a difficult proposition when one’s hands were full with a bat, but Joe made an effort when Simon successfully tricked Tatiana into going the wrong way just long enough for the goal to be ... more
                      • I don't suck! Evelyn Stones, Chaser, Thu Nov 15 20:00
                        Evelyn watched her successful pass and the score her team ended up making with a sense of disassociation. She had played a part in that score, and suddenly she felt strong. Of course, there was no... more
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