Winston, Chaser
Lining up for another goal shot
Thu Nov 8, 2018 10:18

Winston already hated The Pecari. Today that piece of dirt was making himself into a really irritating and frustrating thorn in Winstonís backside. The Pecari seemed intent on making it impossible for Winston to do anything to help his team. Every time he turned around it seemed like that blasted bludger was coming back for him. It wasnít even coming dangerously close either, it was just there, keeping him back, distracting him, making him pay attention to the Pecari (something he hated doing under the best of circumstances) more than the Quaffle.

A cheer rose - not from the stands; this was just a practice game - but from the other yellow players, and the coach blew the whistle trill that indicated a scored goal. Everyone else was crowded out near Tatiana, so it was 10-0 Yellow. Good. He shot a smug look at The Pecari. The guy might have kept Winston out of the action, but Winstonís team still scored again the Pecariís, even down one Chaser. Heíd take the win, despite having no share in the glory this time.

The Quaffle and other Chasers were coming back. The Pecariís bat cracked again and Winston flinched, jerking his broom handle backwards, to rise up higher, get out of the way, but it wasnít coming for him this time.

It wasnít coming for him this time.

Winston pushed himself, getting back into the game, and, coming from the wrong way and above, maybe The Aladren didnít see him. He saw her though. Saw her moving in for an obvious pass. Winston dove for it, snatching the Quaffle out of the air as it flew between the two red players (How did the team with no Crotali on it get red? That wasnít right.) and then leveled out under them and kept going the same direction he had already been going.

He wasnít heading straight for the goals. He was out to the left a bit. Not really a good scoring position, though he was probably close enough for a run on the goals, had he been more centrally aligned.

He kept going, but as he got nearer to Tatiana, he barrel rolled closer to the middle of the field and made a pass to the yellow Chaser better positioned to take a goal shot.

OOC highlight: Quaffle intercepted, pass made near red goals

  • Simon, here, I donít want you to feel left outCaptain Ben, Beater, Thu Nov 8 09:26
    The bad news was he didnít hit Winston. The good news was he didnít have a chance to intercept Lilyís pass. The bad news was that Evelyn did. He saw Joe moving in to assist Winston and moved in... more
    • Lining up for another goal shot — Winston, Chaser, Thu Nov 8 10:18
      • Trying to un-include myself.Simon Mordue, Chaser, Wed Nov 14 15:41
        He had scored. He had scored . Admittedly the Keeper who he had gotten past was only Tatiana, who he doubted, somewhere between her House placement and the fact she still didnít speak proper English... more
        • Trying to include someone wearing Red.Joe Umland, Cap-Beater, Wed Nov 14 16:10
          Clapping was a difficult proposition when oneís hands were full with a bat, but Joe made an effort when Simon successfully tricked Tatiana into going the wrong way just long enough for the goal to be ... more
          • I don't suck! Evelyn Stones, Chaser, Thu Nov 15 20:00
            Evelyn watched her successful pass and the score her team ended up making with a sense of disassociation. She had played a part in that score, and suddenly she felt strong. Of course, there was no... more
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