Amelia Layne, Seeker
Hunting the Snitch.
Fri Nov 9, 2018 15:12

As much as she knew it had been a good idea, it still felt kind of weird to Amelia not to aim for the top. Therefore, practice games were actually kind of a relief, because she was automatically back in a prominent role, but still without the stress of constantly traveling and battling other Seekers and battling Eden within the school and all that. She could study like a maniac for her CATS and still feel like she wasn’t a complete one-trick pony, something that all her relatives seemed to think would be a death sentence to doing well in life after high school, however much Lionel had barely even qualified for the one trick. Lionel, after all, was still being guided by Granddad and Grandmother and Uncle Geoff, and supported to an extent; without them, Amelia didn’t seriously question that it would take her brother very long to end up no better off than their mama, and the last Amelia had heard of her, she’d been painting plates for some kind of loosey-goosey touristy thing in North Dakota. It was such a waste; Mama really was a talented painter, but who besides them and random people with fifty bucks would ever know it, since Mama didn’t have a degree in studio art or connections to galleries to back it up?

Admittedly, Amelia knew she was not at the top of the game in academics, either. Without Uncle Geoff, she suspected she would struggle to get much of anywhere, either. Which underscored the point but also reminded her that but for the grace of God went she – or somewhere close to there, anyway, since Amelia couldn’t paint. She was much more comfortable with the idea of working in the lab that made the paint.

She didn’t know either of the captains well, but was not entirely pleased with her assignment. Joe Umland was a perfectly capable Beater, of course (her own acquaintance with his older brother made her suspect he might not have had much choice in the matter), but he had also been the Teppenpaw captain. On one hand, he was John Umland’s brother, but on the other, he was…a Teppenpaw. Teppenpaws were soft, and until very recently, Eden had been Joe’s charge. He might run into conflicts of interest there, ones which would not benefit Amelia. She was therefore glad to see Ben and Joe both seem to assign the least dangerous of the Beaters to the Seekers; Joe promised to back her up at need, but she wasn’t really that worried about his buddy Jozua putting her in too many positions she couldn’t get herself out of.

Still, though, Parker Fitzgerald was new and foreign enough that Amelia still had half an eye out for Bludgers as she kicked off and went into the air and started looking for the Snitch. Since she also had to keep Eden and Jozua in the corner of her eye, this exercise made her wish for a fleeting moment that she was a spider or a fly or something. A multitude of eyes would have made all this watching a lot easier for her.

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    • Hunting the Snitch. — Amelia Layne, Seeker, Fri Nov 9 15:12
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