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Intermediates - Trade you this sand for some sand
Sat Nov 10, 2018 07:31

The intermediate students had been advised at the end of their last lesson that today’s class would take place on the Quidditch Pitch, and a notice reminding them of this had been left pinned to the classroom door. The pitch was set up in a rather bizarre fashion. The hoops laid out flat across the grass were not terribly odd, not exactly - they were Quidditch equipment after all, though rarely were they laid flat for that purpose and there was also the fact that this was Transfiguration class. The hoops were also filled with what looked like sandbags in differing sizes and colours. The stands had also been modified to accommodate improvised writing desks, little planks of wood which hovered at a convenient height relative to the benches, and would adjust themselves according to who sat there.

“Good afternoon,” Professor Skies greeted them, gathering them round her in the centre of the pitch, “As you should be able to guess, we are continuing switching spells today.” Switching spells - which allowed for the instantaneous replacement of one object with another, had been a major unit for the intermediate class this term. “As you have all been working well on this, I thought it was time to test your skills over a greater distance, and with larger objects. As you can see, there are three different sizes of sack, the smallest for third years, middle for fourth and largest for fifth. Each pair of sacks comprises one black and one white so you can tell when you have switched them - and I can tell the difference between a switching spell and a colour changing charm, so you are only harming yourselves if you try to cheat.” The sand inside the bags also matched their exteriors, so she would be able to tell if they had only partially swapped over.

“As you may recall from our last lessons, switching is closely tied with vanishing and conjuring. It is seen as a simplified form - although two objects are involved, this makes things easier owing to a sense of balance, especially in this scenario where your objects are more or less the same. I won’t say much more about it, as your essays on why switching spells are considered Transfiguration are still in progress, and you should be finding some of these things out for yourself. I would like at least twenty minutes of practise on the practical from everyone. After that, you can choose to practise further or write your essays.

“As I mentioned last time, ability in casting switching spells has been found to be strongly predictive of ability to Apparate, so consider this useful practise for that, especially for those of you who will be of age next year,” she added. Apparition was something that a lot of witches and wizards looked forward to doing immensely, and so adding the glamour of that to the otherwise possibly dull task of moving sandbags would hopefully give the students a bit more motivation. Selina had explained the concept when she had introduced the subject in the previous class, to be sure that everyone knew what it was.

“As with all our previous practises, the spell is suppuno with an open double loop wand motion plus the name of the object you are trying to acquire - in this case, that is the same as the object you are exchanging, a sandbag. As always, you should keep your gaze on the object you wish to acquire, and you can make the spell easier by specifying the colour of the target. You can make the spell harder by moving your hoops further apart.” The class had been practising summoning spells for a few weeks now, so this information was revision. The wand movement was a little like an infinity sign that wasn’t fully closed, starting with the object they wanted, circling around the object that they were getting rid of, and back to pointing at the target.

“Find yourself a hoop, and begin.”

OOC - you may post either doing the practical, the essay or both. Posts will be marked on relevance, realism, creativity and length. Your character has some experience with this type of spell already. Catch me in chatzy if you have any questions.

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