Simon Mordue, Chaser
Trying to un-include myself.
Wed Nov 14, 2018 15:41

He had scored. He had scored. Admittedly the Keeper who he had gotten past was only Tatiana, who he doubted, somewhere between her House placement and the fact she still didnít speak proper English even after at least three years in America, was very smart in addition to her physical stature not being ideal for Keeping, but she was the first-string Keeper and he had just beaten her. If only it didnít feel so peculiar to be pleased that someone had gotten the Quaffle past a Keeper wearing red. He and Winston had been the Crotalus captains, for goodnessí sake. They should have been wearing red today.

He still flushed a little, pleased, at some clapping, only slightly pausing when he saw the glare Tatiana was giving him. He was not really used to being looked at like that, not by anyone, no matter whether he had just beaten them at something or not - it was impolitic, and the quantity and quality of the jewelry she wore on a daily basis suggested financial resources that should have led to a concern about avoiding being impolitic. For a moment he vaguely thought about whether or not Russia was even considered a properly civilized place - most of what he could remember about Russia from his lessons before school was that their art had developed much more slowly than art in the West, remaining crude long after the West had rediscovered perspective and proper use of light and shadow and all that stuff, and that they had conflicted with the International Convention of Wizards a lot over the centuries, when they werenít being extremely reclusive - but then the Quaffle sailed back into the air and the game was back on and he all but forgot the third year existed.

McLeod caught it and started to fly toward Nathaniel. Well, that wouldnít do. He was supposed to watch out for Nathaniel and Sylvia at school, make sure they didnít associate with the wrong sorts, and the McLeods were both definitely the Wrong Sort. He had a moral responsibility here. Determined, focused on the Quaffle, not anticipating any difficulty with the inexperienced Red Chasers, he only realized there was a Bludger heading straight toward him when it was too late to fully avoid it.

Upon the realization, he froze for approximately half a second, then tried to steer away. He did not get far, however, before the Bludger slammed into his shoulder, a force which, fortunately, threw him further to the side. Gasping, he kept moving away from the Bludger more by instinct than design, rolling over in the air and then diving away from it, the Quaffle now forgotten as his mind became occupied with little other than how much that had hurt and how much he wished to avoid encountering the responsible object again.

OOC: Bludger hit Simon, he fled the game area to escape further injury. Bludger on the loose, Quaffle still in midair between Winston and someone else. Author hopes hitting Simon with the Bludger will suffice as her apology for his poor moral behavior earlier in the post. Though itís far from the most problematic thing he said, also please do not accept his opinions on art as facts, they are misinformed.

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    • Trying to un-include myself. — Simon Mordue, Chaser, Wed Nov 14 15:41
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