Joe Umland, Cap-Beater
Trying to include someone wearing Red.
Wed Nov 14, 2018 16:10

Clapping was a difficult proposition when one’s hands were full with a bat, but Joe made an effort when Simon successfully tricked Tatiana into going the wrong way just long enough for the goal to be collected. “Well done Simon!” he cheered. It seemed, admittedly, a bit strange to call Simon by his real name, but while the other Mordue present was too far away and irrelevant to the game so far to be confused for the person he was talking to, it also just seemed more…teamish to at least pretend they all knew each other to some extent and were on a first-name basis. Also, to Joe, less weird. They were all teenagers, for goodness’ sake.

He did not miss the glare Tatiana sent Simon’s way as she recollected the Quaffle, and found it a little surprising. Of course, she would be disappointed she had missed a ball, and disappointment was easy to express in anger, but he would have expected someone who wore earrings to a Quidditch game to express disappointment in tears, not glares. Still, she was tiny and stuck at the goals, so her fierce expression was more amusing than anything.

An even tinier member of the red team got the Quaffle from Tatiana, the one Joe was only about ninety percent confident was a girl (not something he would have suspected on appearance alone, but Lily Spencer also appeared confusingly unfeminine to the eye), and the game was back on. He kept an eye on Winston, thinking that Ben seemed extremely keen on hitting him specifically, and intensified that eye when Winston stole the Quaffle from Ness’ pass toward one of the other red-robed players, figuring this made Winston both a personal and strategic target.

Unfortunately, however – both for the yellow team and for Simon personally – Ben was smarter than Joe had perhaps given him credit for, and Simon clearly took a hit. Joe winced at this realization, in part because it represented a failure for him – he was supposed to prevent anyone from getting close to the people in the yellow robes, and any deviation from that was a failure; an unimportant one, as it wouldn’t go on his resume, but a failure nevertheless – and in part because an injured Chaser was not good for their chances, but also in part because, well, that had looked like it hurt and he had an unusual flash of sympathy for the guy.

Sympathy for Simon Mordue. For a guy who had probably been born with a platinum spoon in his mouth – not just that he was older than the other dude named Mordue at this school, not just that he and Winston Pierce managed to walk around an awfully lot as though they owned the joint for a pair of fifth years who no longer even had badges, but just something about him gave it away. Perhaps Joe had been Sorted into the right House after all. He found it hard to imagine John or Paul having such a moment of sympathy – to the more strident two of his three brothers, guys like Simon were representatives of The Enemy and deserved to get knocked down by any peg available. Whether this was on the Pitch or in the public arena was material, but not by that much.

Joe’s main concern, however, remained not with morality, pain, or politics, but with the fact that Simon had been a heck of a lot more useful to Joe un-knocked than he was knocked. With a noise of exasperation, he sought the Bludger, got to it before Ben, and hit it very hard back toward one of the red robes, glad they were a color he was used to associating with ‘people to hit Bludgers at’ so there was less chance of making mistakes that led to friendly fire.

OOC: Bludger claimed and hit toward a red player.

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    • Trying to include someone wearing Red. — Joe Umland, Cap-Beater, Wed Nov 14 16:10
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