Evelyn Stones, Chaser
I don't suck!
Thu Nov 15, 2018 20:00

Evelyn watched her successful pass and the score her team ended up making with a sense of disassociation. She had played a part in that score, and suddenly she felt strong. Of course, there was no denying that she'd likely gotten lucky, that adrenaline had played a bigger part than she had, and that she was still one of the most - if not the most - unskilled player on her team. Regardless, she felt good.

So when Simon scored and the Quaffle was returned to play, Evelyn was already there and eager to be part of the fray. She had to resist cheering when Ness collected the Quaffle, but sent the Aladren a sly thumbs up and a grin before focusing on the moves at hand. Winston not-Churchill intercepted Ness' pass and made to throw it towards either herself or Simon.

Unfortunately, the horrific crack of a bludger and a face colliding was a too close for comfort and it only took a moment for her to recognize that Simon had effectively been put out of commission. Evelyn snarled, knowing full well that a hit like that would hurt. Doing her best to focus as the Quaffle was still in the air, she dove for it. She wasn't too proud of the idea that her game might be the "wait for something distracting to happen and steal the Quaffle really Fast" game but if it worked, she might as well roll with it.

The Quaffle felt good in her hands as it landed with a satisfying smack and she allowed herself a moment to see what had happened for poor Simon. Not too long though. He was clearly in pain but had flown himself to the ground so at least he wasn't knocked out or dead or something. Falling that height would've been much worse than flying it.

She turned her focus back to the game. She no longer had another chaser to pass to with Simon gone and Winston in a position that he'd needed to pass rather than shoot for a score himself, so she angled herself towards the goal posts and put as much speed into her flight as possible. She flew until she was sure she'd be clobbered if she attempted any more distance and threw the ball as hard as she could towards the goal posts, hoping that if it missed, at least Winston would have caught up by then.

OOC - Quaffle claimed and flown up field toward Tatiana. Goal-shot attempted, Quaffle in the air.

  • Trying to include someone wearing Red.Joe Umland, Cap-Beater, Wed Nov 14 16:10
    Clapping was a difficult proposition when one’s hands were full with a bat, but Joe made an effort when Simon successfully tricked Tatiana into going the wrong way just long enough for the goal to be ... more
    • I don't suck! — Evelyn Stones, Chaser, Thu Nov 15 20:00
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