Amelia Layne, Seeker
Victory is mine!
Sat Nov 24, 2018 13:44

Alas, even had Amelia been capable of an Animagus transformation – something she doubted she would ever really be capable of; she was not a walking disaster in Transfiguration, which was something, but nor was she exceptionally talented; more than once, she had worried about whether or not she would be able to make at least an E, the score on a test which her grandfather regarded as an A, on the Transfiguration CATS exam, between solid mediocrity with that form of magic and the stress of the test situation exacerbating things – and had somehow happened to have an Animagus form which was useful for Seeking, she was pretty sure it would have been against the rules to use it on the Pitch. Plus, if she was able to turn herself into a spider at will, she might have an advantage when it came to seeing in multiple directions at once, but a much larger problem with actually steering her broom, much less catching the Snitch, which moved fast enough and was large enough that Amelia suspected it was capable of squishing a spider. Winning was important, no doubt, but she was pretty sure that even Granddad would agree it wasn’t worth dying such a messy, complicated, bizarre, and undignified death over. Especially since she was not exactly noted for winning a lot in this domain in the first place.

Injury, however, was something she thought Granddad would tolerate, though he would prefer it if she won and avoided injury at the same time – it meant she had performed better, at least on paper. In reality, Quidditch was too chaotic, with too many variables, for Amelia to think such things were really that neatly quantifiable, but paper results were paper results and the things people looked at. As a result, she kept her head moving even more than the rest of her, looking for both Bludgers and the Snitch, and was just contemplating whether it was really possible to accidentally unscrew her own head from her neck this way when she spotted a flash of gold to her right.

Her stomach jumped up toward her chest cavity and her heart jumped up toward her throat, but she began to dive so quickly that she reckoned the rest of her caught up with their new positions pretty quickly. She didn’t look behind her now, nor even to the side – not for Beaters, or Eden, or Bludgers, or anything. The wind dried out her eyes, but she refused to blink until her hand actually closed around the fluttering lump of metal, giving it not even a fraction of a second to dart out of eyeshot.

  • Hunting the Snitch.Amelia Layne, Seeker, Fri Nov 9 15:12
    As much as she knew it had been a good idea, it still felt kind of weird to Amelia not to aim for the top. Therefore, practice games were actually kind of a relief, because she was automatically back ... more
    • Victory is mine! — Amelia Layne, Seeker, Sat Nov 24 13:44
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