Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari
So any other sand will do?
Mon Nov 26, 2018 13:52

Tatiana paused at the entrance to the Quidditch Pitch. Her mouth remained in its usual straight, polite line, but one of her eyebrows twitched up at the sight before her. She had spent a great deal of time on this Pitch over the past three years, and it did not look like this normally.

Of course, she supposed that should not be surprising. They were here for a Transfiguration lesson, after all. Transfiguration lessons were all about things looking different than they usually did - and more complex stuff, but Tatiana customarily only thought about that when she had to work on an essay. She thought she understood the ideas well enough from studying her Russian-language Transfiguration books (in deference to the increasing difficulty of her classes, she had started forcing herself to study more thoroughly, copying passages in both Russian and English, but she still didn’t entirely trust herself to understand things as fully in the English book as in the Russian one) but it simply didn’t occur to her to think much about theory in any language when there was no task before her requiring her to do so.

She settled at one of the floating desks after the lecture, pressing down on the surface skeptically before determining it was going to stop at the proper height and that writing on it was probably safe if she could not knock it out of the air when actively trying to do so. Unfortunately, she suspected she was going to need to spend some of the class writing - working on the stupid essay. The amount of technical terminology and the complexity of the ideas involved meant that her essay was coming along slowly; she had finally determined she was going to have to draft it in Russian and then translate it into English. Anton Petrovich considered this method of writing dishonest, since it did not help her learn to think in English and often produced an overly literal translation, but she would never finish it if she had to look up words just to put together every thought. It was easier to start with the thought and then find the words, and Professor Skies would likely never know either way. Besides, she hadn’t explicitly said rough drafts couldn’t be written in another language.

Still, Tatiana worried a bit about the essay, whether it was complicated enough to please the professor. Her thesis was that switching spells counted as Transfigurations instead of Charms because the objects achieved their transposition through Vanishing Space. Charms of motion moved objects through observable space, with appropriate time delays and issues with running into stuff and et cetera. Switching spells appeared to instantaneously swap objects’ positions - either they moved outside of time in Another Place, or they were simply transformed into each other - instantaneously. Somehow, Tatiana thought the two moving outside of space for a moment seemed more likely - more in keeping with everything else they did in magic - than third years being capable of transforming two objects at once, and her English book in particular seemed to agree with her, but it all seemed so obvious and simple that she didn’t know if it would be good enough for Skies. The woman’s fairly prominent role in many of Tatiana’s more humiliating school memories made her want desperately to impress, just once.

First, though, she had to practice for twenty minutes. Small bags. Right. At least this spell-word was one of the easier ones to pronounce. The complexity of the wand movement tried to make up for it, but she found this easier to deal with than some sounds which didn’t quite exist in Russian but did in English and Latin.

Not sure how heavy the sandbags were, she decided to start with one of the closer hoops and fixed her eyes on a particular sandbag. She felt - something - as she attempted to cast the spell, but did not see results. Heavy, then - or at least for her level of dexterity with this spell.

“We will be tired when this class over,” she remarked to a neighbor.

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    • So any other sand will do? — Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Mon Nov 26 13:52
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