Coach Kinsell
Quidditch Tryouts
Sat Feb 9, 2019 11:26

The Quidditch sign-up sheet had garnered a promising number of names by the time the tryouts rolled around. Timothy had noted that there was a significant number of Pecari students that had signed up and for a moment he had wondered if there might in fact be potential for house matches after all. However, there did not appear enough interest from the other houses to allow this to happen, which was a shame for the Pecaris. Nevertheless, Timothy felt hopeful as he set up for the Quidditch tryouts - there was a good chance of having a first and a second team this year, which would give everyone more of a chance to play without compromising the success of the team. It was a good day for flying, not too much wind or sun, and the temperature outside neither hot nor cold.

“Right, listen up everyone,” Timothy began. “To start off with we’ll get warmed up. I’d like you all to jog one lap around the pitch. Remember this is only a pulse raiser, not a race.” When everyone had returned from the jog, Timothy ran them all through a series of stretches. It was primarily for the younger students as the older students should really know how to warm up properly, especially if any of them hoped to be captain, but one could never be too sure.

“Alright, grab your brooms,” Timothy directed once he finished leading the sequence of stretches. “You have one lap to warm up and then we’ll have a two lap race. Following on from that we will do some skill based tests.”

The skill based test involved weaving through long poles and then on to dodging moving obstacles (charmed padded boxes which would not hurt if crashed in to), and flying through hoops which were charmed to hover at different levels, meaning that players would to change altitude quickly. Two identical courses were set up so it wouldn’t take as long, with half the group starting at one end and the other half starting at the other end of the pitch. On one side players would fly with the Quaffle under arm and finish by attempting to score a goal at the end and then catch a charmed ball promptly afterwards. On the other side players would carry a Beater’s bat and attempt to hit a charmed ball into one of the goal hoops at the end. Once a player had completed the course they would then do it from the opposite end so both skills were covered.

Timothy explained the tests to the group once they had returned from the two-lap race and split them into two so they could begin.

The Quidditch Coach had included such an intense test at the start of the tryouts so he could quickly get a good idea of the students’ all-round skill set. There was a chance that some of the players wouldn’t get the positions they wanted, or weren’t even well suited to the position they wanted, so he liked to make his own mind up about where they should be on the pitch. That wasn’t to say he wasn’t going to take their preferences into consideration, but it was likely that not everyone would be able to have their ideal position due to numbers, or some may simply be new to the sport and want some guidance.

When the group had finished the tests, Timothy drew his wand and removed the charm that was levitating and animating the elements of the obstacle course so they all fell to the ground. He turned to Johana Leonie - he had been surprised when one of the first years signed up to be a “helper” on the Quidditch sign-up sheet but had been happy to give her the opportunity. “Johana Leonie, could you put the dummies out and pick up the obstacle course please.” He had already explained to her the proceedings of the tryouts and had given her a large trolley of sorts that she could wheel about to move things easily, since he doubted her magic would be advanced enough to be of use as yet. He felt a bit guilty asking her to do such jobs but if she really wanted to do it, he couldn’t see a good reason to stop her.

“Right, now I’d like to assess you all in your preferred positions. Those trying out for the Keeper position - you’re going to take turns in front of the hoops at one end of the pitch. Chasers, you’re going to practice shooting against the Keeper - start from the centre circle and practise passing to one another, sticking to that half of the pitch - make sure you all get a go attempting to shoot. I know you all want to show off, but if you want to make it onto the team, I need to see teamwork. Beaters, come get yourselves a bat and then make your way over to the other half of the pitch. You’ll see where the dummies are - practise batting the bludgers towards each other as well as at the dummies. Be sensible, and look out for each other. If any of you have hopes of being captain this year, this is your chance to show me your leadership skills.”

Once the students had the necessary equipment and had returned to the air, Timothy drew his wand and charmed the dummies that the Beaters were using for target practice so that they would levitate and move.

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