Isaac Song
A bundle of nerves
Sun Feb 10, 2019 17:14

Isaac was a bundle of nerves the day of Quidditch tryouts. He could barely eat his breakfast, and when he finally made his way to the Quidditch Pitch, he could feel his hands shaking. Obviously, he was nervous. It was his first time ever trying out for Quidditch because he had never been confident on a broom before. During the summer, he had gone to a sports camp which included magical sports, and getting the taste of Quidditch—even though it was more Quadpot—had piqued his interest. Finally, finally he was going to bite the bullet and do it. Didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous about it, though.

This coach seemed both friendly and intense, and Isaac didn’t know whether he admired him or was afraid of him. During the lap around the pitch, he tried to stay focused on the task at hand instead of looking at all of the obstacles flying around in the air. He really didn’t want to fall off his broom and look like a fool in front of everybody. Not only was he a Prefect, but he was also a sixth-year, and it would be super embarrassing for an athletic-looking sixth-year to fall off of his broom for any reason in front of a bunch of other students. He felt kind of panicky at the thought, but again tried to focus his thoughts to putting one foot in front of the other.

The next exercise was flying around the pitch, and he could do that pretty easily. The race was nerve-racking, and he definitely wasn’t close to the front, though he wasn’t last either. During the obstacle course, though, it became clear who was experienced and who wasn’t. Isaac kind of fell into the latter. He was pretty agile on his feet, but on a broom, he was having trouble. The moving obstacles threw him off and he bumped into several on his way through. He missed one of the hoops after hitting one obstacle head-on, but he regained his bearings pretty quick. Throwing the Quaffle into the hoop was simple, and he caught the charmed ball with ease.

Isaac groaned when he realized he’d have to go through the obstacle again, but the second time went a lot better. This time, he only hit one of the moving obstacles. At the end, he picked up the bat and readied himself. It kind of felt like a mixture of baseball and tennis, both of which he was good at. He whacked the ball toward the goal, and, to his surprise, it went through the hoop. “Yes!” he said to himself, pumping his fist. Honestly, he thought it was sheer luck, but it still made him feel good.

When it came time to try out for their preferred positions, Isaac went to the hoops at one end of the pitch. It didn’t seem like there were too many people trying out for Keeper, which gave him a better chance. He floated in front of the three hoops and spread out his arms, trying to gauge how crazy fast he’d have to move if someone threw a Quaffle in any of them. He had played the goalie in soccer before, and it didn’t seem that different, except they floated dozens of feet off the ground. He swallowed nervously. He would not fall off his broom. Isaac gripped his broom tightly, then relaxed his hands. He looked carefully at the Chasers to see what their next move was going to be.

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