Parker Fitzgerald
A bundle of energy
Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:49

Parker had been surprised to see Isaac Songs name on the tryout sheet. He didn’t know the boy, but did know he’d not seen him on the Quidditch field before. When he came down to breakfast he noticed Isaac wasn’t eating too much, and as Parker ate, as he seemed to be constantly doing these days, he tried to figure out how to start a conversation or at least get Isaac to eat. It might not turn out so well for Isaac if he was trying out for something on an empty stomach.

Later, as Parker stood on the pitch listening to the Coaches instructions, he couldn’t help but smile. He’d been able to take the broom out and fly up and down and around a bit before the tryouts to ensure he still had some agility in his ability. Still, he could feel the energy start to flow through him. He knew he could get over excited again. Starting with a run made him happy. Running he knew how to do. As his feet hit the track, he let the footfalls count the numbers he counted repeatedly, trying to bring his excitement energy level down.

Once Parker finished, he began to stretch a bit waiting for others to finish as well. He realized the coach was going to lead them through some stretches. Parker began to follow along with those stretches, a few of which were new.

Parker’s broom raised to his hand and he smiled. Though he’d been at the school for three years, it was still always amazing when he did something so easily and effortlessly as make a broom raise to his hand. Or get a spell to work on the first try. It was the little things.

As he took off around the track for the warm-up race he noticed Isaac again. He smiled. The older boy was out on the pitch. He silently cheered him on in his head. For some reason, he always liked it when new people tried their hand at a sport.

After the first lap though, he put his head down. He wanted to prove himself. He didn’t want to be reserve again this year. He began to speed through the first turn and began to go faster. At some point near the end of his first lap and the beginning of his second he realized he was near the front. Not the front person but near the front, and that’s when he lost a bit of concentration and wobbled. Not enough to throw him, but enough for him to veer away from the turn and towards the stands. He quickly corrected, but the speed at which it had occurred was a bit unnerving and Parker could feel his heart beating as he completed his last lap.

His mind wasn’t fully there anymore. His nervous energy was raising and he knew he needed to count down or the adrenaline from the near crash mixing with his excitement might lead him to be reckless. But there was no time, his heart still racing Parker got inline for the skills course. He could feel his body tense as he got to the front of the line and as soon as the the quaffle was in his arms he began to move. He moved through the long pools quickly and smoothly, but found himself more barreling through the padded boxes than around them. With the hoops he was able to move through them quickly, but he felt like he could have done better. Parker had watched a few other students before him move through so he knew how the end would be. Still after he shot on goal and just barely missing it, he was not fully prepared for the full weight of the ball that came at him. It was in that instant, as the new ball flew into him, that Parker was glad he’d spent time working out with his brother. Though the ball was heavy, it didn’t hurt as much as the last time a ball had slammed into him in his first year. He was able to hold onto it, but had taken it in a weird angle and sat shaking his arm as he got into the back of the line going the other way. As he shook his arm he was able to count to five before picking up the Beater’s bat. He’d calmed down. Thus, as he flew through the obstacle course he was able to move out of the way of more of the charmed boxes, though he did run straight into one of them almost dropping the bat in the process. Still, going through the hoops was much smoother this second time around.

Once he got to the end he readied the Beater’s bat like a baseball bat and swung with all his might. He could feel the connection and the reverberations down his arms. Parker had been aiming for one of the hoops but it missed. It missed by a wide margin. As Parker saw it fly his he let out a “Gawd Damn merlins ghost” under his breath watching it fly. His left eyebrow shot up though as it neared one of the other hoops and went in.

“Not what I was expecting, but I’ll take it,” Parker said as he headed down.

He knew there would be a lot of people trying out for the different positions, and he’d be willing to try out for others, but he wanted to be a Chaser this year, and not second string.

He flew to a circle and looked down the field and saw Isaac down at the Keeper position. He sat looking at Isaac a while. He’d seen Isaac flying through the other obstacles and had also not seen him previously in the last three years on the Quidditch pitch, he felt this might almost be too easy.

Parker looked at his Chaser partner, “Sorry, I want to make this a fair fight ok?”

Not waiting for any sort of acknowledgement, Parker cupped his hands together and yelled down at Isaac.
“Isaac. Have you ever played goalie in soccer before? If so, instead of looking at our feet. Look at our eyes. That will tell you more about where we’re going than anything else.”

He almost said where the broom was pointed, but he’d seen some pretty great moves by other players where they were not flying towards where they were throwing. It was the best Parker could do simply yelling down the pitch.

He turned to his Chaser partner raising his eyebrows up, “Ok. You ready to see if that helped or hurt?”

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    • A bundle of energy — Parker Fitzgerald, Mon Feb 11 12:49
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